Yurt Wedding Photography

Wedding photos in a yurt in Staffordshire

Yurt Wedding Photography

We love a bit of Yurt wedding photography!!!! Well we do now, this was our first and we loved it!! We’ve done lots of photography for wedding using Tipis, but never a Yurt. They’re amazing!! Super stylish inside with wooden structural sides and a cream canvas which gives a beautifully warm light inside the Yurt which is great for photography.

On the morning, Ben arrrived at mum & dad’s house in Yoxall to meet Alice & the girls (and a swarm of bees 🐝!!) and hung out with them for a while.

I went to join the groom, Jono, at Alice’s sister’s house, but he wasn’t there!! Turns out he got stuck on the motorway while collecting his brother. When they got back it was a bit of a rush to get everyone ready, but they did really well and it was off to the church in Hoar Cross in the Porcshe with only 10 minutes to spare!! 😮 No worries, we made it there and it was as if there was no stress at all by the time Alice arived with her dad in their amazing Land Rover Defender. We’re a little bit jealous – We want one!!!

A church wedding

They got married in this beautiful church with a couple of really lovely readings and before long, they processed down the aisle and it was out into the gorgeous Spring sunshine. While family portraits are super important to the couple, as its not very often all the family is together in one place, Jono & Alice were keen to get them done nice and quickly so they could get back to the house and relax and party. So we whipped through them and everyone headed back. Once back at the house, drinks were flowing, the magician was doing his thing, canapés were doing the rounds and the wedding guests were chilled out, chatting and relaxing on the grass. Such a perfect atmosphere – Lots of laughter and everyone just having the best time!

Alice & Jono's wedding photos in a Yurt surrounced by yellow flowers

The wedding yurt

The yurt looked so pretty, lots of gorgeous flowers including a big floral circle hanging from the centre of the roof by the amazing Emily Wisher. A lovely vintage bar with more flowers. A cute little log burner with sofas either side and even a vintage teacup cupboard.

Following a great steak dinner from Kemp & Kemp, were some great speeches. Then the cake was cut and the dancing began – Everyone hit the dance floor and the rest is history!

We had a great day with Jono & Alice, they are a very fun couple, so many laughs! It was infectious – Alice is truly hilarious! Thank you vereyone for making us welcome and feeding us so well!

Here’s a sneak peek from the day, just a few of our favourites – turn it up loud and ENJOY!!

If you love a YURT wedding too, we’d love to hear from you – GET IN TOUCH 😃

the bride getting ready at home the church at Hoar Cross the bride's nephew sticking his head round the door the groom and best man getting ready dad hugging his daughter the bridesmaids seeing the bride for the first time the bride putting her dress on

the father of the bride smiling during the wedding ceremony the bride and her grandad the bride's veil the bride's flower bouquet The bride & groom walking down the aisle The bride & groom listening to the vicar The bride & groom in the churchthe wedding guests enjoying drinks a wedding guest greeting the bride the bride and her bridesmaids The bride & groom in the yurt the bride and her veil wedding guests laughing The bride & groom in the confettigrandad walking to the yurt the magician with the bride & groom the grooms speech the groom making his speech The bride & groom walking along the road The bride & groom in the yellow flowers the bride has beautiful blue eyes The bride & groom's first dance wedding guests dancing the bride dancing with her husband the groom and his brother dancing wedding guests drinking guests singing and dancing The bride & groom in the silhouette sky



Yurt wedding photos in Staffordhsire. Ben and Hannah are multi-award winning, husband and wife Derbyshire Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you’ve seen us at a recent wedding and have a friend that’s getting married, we’d love you to recommend us! 🙂

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