Wortley Hall wedding photography

the bride and groom in golden sunlight in the evening at Wortley Hall on their wedding day



Wortley Hall Wedding Photography

We’ve never done any wedding photography before at Wortley Hall. The place looked amazing, so we couldn’t wait!! Lots of gorgeous buildings with nice pockets of light and shade for beautiful photos. There’s also a woodland for nice shade and the sun sets beautifully through the trees for amazing “golden hour” photos. A perfect venue for wedding photography. All we needed now were lots of happy people to bring it to life!

Claire & Ryan – Our amazing bride and groom. Fact.

Claire and Ryan are Instagram stalkers of ours and it was awesome to finally meet these two beautiful humans. They’re cool, stylish, have tattoos, a beard (Ryan, not Claire!) and they’re the nicest couple you’re ever likely to meet…What’s not to love!!

Taking you back 5 years, both working as teachers at the same school, their secret love soon became apparent. With Ryan volunteering more and more for the same school trips as Claire, it quickly became obvious something was going on between the two hottest teachers in school. Fast forward through many adventures together, late-night drives, a love of their cats and a mutual appreciation of hot water (!), here we are today… Their amazing wedding day!

dark moody photo in black in white in dappled sunlight in the woods at wortley hall

Hair & Makeup

We joined Claire at their house in Chesterfield. Everyone was super busy with hair and make-up. It’s clear from the house that Claire LOVES books and this was her inspiration for the day. I guess as an English teacher, that’s no big surprise!  They had painstankingly handmade their bouquets from pages of Claire’s favourite Shakespeare books along with beautifully delicate buttonholes. Anyway, soon enough Claire was dressed and she looked so beautiful in her Venus Bridal dress. It was finally time to head over to the pretty little church in Heath where Ryan was waiting!

Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony and lots of confetti, we headed straight over to Wortley Hall for drinks and a few photos in the sunshine. It was incredibly hot, so we made sure to stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid everyone burning, sweating and squinting. Three things you don’t want to see in wedding pictures, right!?! After dinner and some great speeches, it had started to cool down and the light was softer and becoming more and more golden by the second. We took the opportunity before the first dance and headed out into the stunning grounds for a few more pictures. Before we left, the four of us had a little go in the photo-booth – Ben has never looked so funny – loving the Captain America cap!!

It was a fantastic day, thank you to Claire and Ryan making us feel so welcome, like one of the family! We LOVE you guys!!


Here are a few of our favourites while we work on your full gallery. My only rules are… Grab a glass of bubbly, turn it up LOUD, hit FULL SCREEN, and re-live your day over and over again!

A history of Wortley Hall

This beautiful building is set in the grounds of a 26 acre estate.  It began life as the ancestral home of the Earls of Wharncliffe, but it has been rebuilt a couple of times. The current gardens and landscaping can be attributed to Lady Caroline Creighton, the wife of James Archibald Stuart Wortley. After further repairs and extensions in the Victorian era, the house was then used by the army during the second world war.  After this, it fell into a state of disrepair. Finally, in the 50s, the Wharncliffe family decided to give up the family home and it was put up for lease.

Change of owndership

Local labour movement activists proposed that Wortley Hall could have the potential of being owned by the workers and run for the workers benefit. In 1951 Wortley Hall was formally opened as an educational and holiday centre, for the trade union, labour and co-operative movement. It was in a semi-derelict condition and the workers of South Yorkshire and surrounding areas set to work.  They carried out most of the repairs and restoration voluntarily and managed to restore the original features including the painted ceilings, ornamental friezes and wood carvings. Wortley Hall is still a company in its own right and any profits from weddings and conference etc are put straight back into the building.

It is the perfect venue for weddings, it is very reasonably priced, it has stunning grounds and 52 ensuite bedrooms. Perfect for all your guests to stay. There are also 3 self-catering cottages on the estate along with a caravan site. So there should be something for everyone!

Just a small distance from Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley, this stately home is in a truly idyllic setting nestled in the beautiful South Yorkshire countryside.

the brides father getting ready for the wedding the mother of the bride helping get dressed final touches before the wedding the bride in black and white looking happy the bride coming down the ailsethe wedding ceremony the first kiss as husband and wife in church confetti throwing at church the bride and groom together the groomsmen in black and white the bride and groom together laughing on their wedding day at wortley hall walking in the afternoon sunshine the bride and groom kissing with wortley hall in the background wortley hall with blue sky bride and groom with blue skies  a bridal party photo bride and groom in orange golden hour sunlight at wortley hallmisty golden sunshine at wortley hall the bride and groom dancing wedding guests dancing bride and groom on the dance floor wedding guests on the dance floor wedding guests having a great party


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