Why should I have a wedding album?

So why should I have a Wedding Album?

I absolutely know that a huge number of couples never get around to printing their photos. Fact. I know this because I’m kind of terrible at printing my own…. Honestly, who has time to sort through 100’s of photos, upload them, print them out, buy a frame and mount it – I know we definitely don’t!   We have so many photos from Christmas, holidays and day to day life that we love, but have never got round to printing!! It’s on my To-Do list for this winter! In fact it was on my to-do list last winter and still haven’t done it…that just says it all!

Even getting round to making a wedding album can take its toll on your time – We’re all busy and there are always so many options to choose from, so I want to make your decisions about printing your photos into an album as simple as possible.

So, we’ve put together a crazy special offer for you – I don’t think we’ve ever done this before – We’re so passionate about printing!

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Our storybook albums are really contemporary and beautiful.  They are hand made and they open out flat with an almost invisible crease, to showcase your beautiful wedding photography across two pages.

So here are 5 reasons, we think you should have an album…….

1. Touch

On a psychological level, touch has incredible power for us humans. We become more deeply connected to tangible things, once we’ve been able to touch or hold them in our hands. Seeing your wedding photos on a screen is nice, but the emotional response your body undergoes when touching them as an album amplified. Also…. pictures look SO much better printed than they do on screen. You get a depth of colour that’s just not present when viewing them digitally.

2. Your Wedding is a Story

From getting ready, to saying “I do”, to dancing the night away. The day of your wedding is a story!! Printing your photos in an album allows you to re-live that story in a way that an online gallery of a few hundred images simply does not. Imagine looking through your wedding album, containing your absolute favourite photos together with your family during the holidays, and again on your anniversaries, with your children and even with your grandchildren. Printing your photos in an album allows you to experience them the way we, as your photographers, intended.

3. Digital Isn’t Forever

You have your USB stick – BUT do you know even where it is right now? 😬 What if USB becomes obsolete like DVD’s are quickly becoming? VHS, Betamax, floppy disks, Zip disks—what do all of these data storage mediums have in common? It’s all but impossible to retrieve data off them today. But at one time, they were the cutting edge way to store data, be it text, photos, or videos.

Now think about your wedding photos and how they’re stored. A USB stick, an external hard drive, the cloud? What’s to guarantee that you’ll be able to access your digital images in five years? What if your cloud account gets hacked and you lose everything…it really does happen. Most newer computers are doing away with CD/DVD drives and some computers already require adapters just to plug in USB drives!

No amount of technology changes are going to stop you from picking up and opening a physically printed book. If you have your photos printed into a beautiful album, then that at least it won’t go out of date! It won’t corrupt and it won’t become antiquated. And you are much less likely to lose it too!

4. Family Heirlooms for Future Generations

When you print your photos, you’re not the only ones who get to appreciate them – your family, both present and future, do too! We see so many framed photos of grandparents at weddings and they only exist today because they have been printed. If you’ve ever seen your parents’ or grandparents’ old wedding photos hanging in their home or come across a box of old images from their weddings, then you know how special and meaningful those artefacts are. Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren being able to touch, hold, and sift through your wedding photos is a powerful way to connect through the generations. You can sit down in years to come and your children can laugh at the crazy wedding traditions we used to have!

Ultimately, the tangible value of deciding to print your wedding photos, whether as albums for your coffee table, art for your home, or gifts for your family, is unparalleled. Your wedding day deserves better than a Facebook album or USB drive that lives in your junk drawer. Photos are meant to be viewed, so make sure you’re giving those memories a chance to be re-lived – now and forever!

5. Quality

Yeah, you can get an album made up online for half the price, but how long will it last. Our albums use the highest quality inks so the images won’t fade over time. They’re handmade to the highest of quality so won’t fall apart. How awesome is that for a family heirloom.


So here’s our super special January offer!

– A beautiful storybook album
– 14×10” landscape
– 100 photos of your choice
– Personal design service included
– Choice of colours for the front cover
– Your names on the front cover
– Delivery & VAT included

£400 (reduced from £775)

The price for this gorgeous album should be £775, but for this month they are now £400 – that’s a saving of £375!!!! I think it’s honestly the best album deal we have ever been able to offer! 😃
But be quick – we have to have the order designed, approved and placed BEFORE January 30th.


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