The West Mill – Prohibited Love Styled Wedding Shoot

The West Mill – Prohibited Love Styled Wedding Shoot

The West Mill Wedding Venue in Derbyshire

– The West Mill Wedding Venue, Derbyshire –

We love it when we’re asked to get involved in styled photoshoots and when it’s one of our favourite wedding venues, The West Mill, working with amazing suppliers, and the brief is to create something super cool, that’s dark and moody, with a touch of glamour, oh, and by the way, our guy model has some bad ass tattoos… Well, thats an easy one, I’m in!!

We started off the day shooting a few details followed by the first look, titled “Organic Urban” – lots of lovely green foliage from the very talented Nadia Di Tullio, coupled together with urban bonze, concrete and glass for amazing looking table details – the shoot looked stunning. So in keeping with the venue and bang on trend for the wedding industry at the moment. That’s why I love working with some of the best people in the wedding world – It always makes my life so much easier as a photographer and everything can’t help but look beautiful at the end of it all!

details around The West Mill

– The Girls –

Flowers by Nadia Di Tullio A brown haired girl looking at the camera the bride and bridesmaids all stook together the girls all stood together the bride and bridesmaids stood around the dinner table with lots of details a wedding cake by Yummy Little Cakes the bride doing her makeup in the mirror the bride and bridesmaids sat laughing at dinner time the bride and bridesmaids outside in the grounds of the west mill surrounded in smoke the bride and bridesmaids looking moody with red smoke

– The Guys –

The girls looked gorgeous in their Belle & Bunty dresses and floral headpieces by Florrie & Eve, but it was time to get the guys involved. With cool suits and some serious tattoos, I knew they were going to look great throughout the afternoon in the “prohibition” theme that we went for.

details around the west mill a tattoo'd guy at the west mill the groom and bes man preparing for their wedding speech a groom with tattoos looking out of the window a tattoo'd groom getting ready for the wedding the guys looking into a mirror a groom with tattoos adjusting his watch the attic in the west mill the bride and groom stood in candlelight candles surround the bride and groom at the west mill the bride and groom looking at the camera cocktails to get the wedding reception party started a cool group photo of the bridal party wedding shoes cocktails at the weddingthe groom sat in a chair surrounded by candles prohibited love wedding details bride and groom stood at the bar the bride holding her coat

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black and white photos showing working behind the scenes on a photoshoot

Here’s a few shots of us all working hard behind the scenes to make the shoot possible and create some amazing photos.

Kit used: Canon 5d MK3 | 100mm f2.8 L  | 50mm f1.2 L | 16-35mm f2.7 L | 70-200mm f2.8II L | Elinchrom Quadra | 197cm Elinchrom Octobank | 70cm Elinchrom Gridded Softbox | Lots of smoke

behind the scenes details of the photoshoot at The West mill Wedding Venue in Derby