Wedding photos at The Crescent in Buxton

A bride and groom walking through a Crescent archway at night in Buxton on thier wedding day.

Winter wedding photos in Buxton – The Ensana Crescent Hotel & Spa

If you’re looking for a stunning, Grade-1 listed Georgian Hotel in the idyllic spa town of Derbyshire for your wedding photos, then look no further than The Crescent in Buxton. You’ve found an amazing wedding venue. As Derbyshire wedding photographers, we love finding new and improved local wedding venues on our doorstep.

The Crescent in Buxton is such a stunning wedding venue for your photos and visiting there for the first time this Christmas was a dream. Except for the typical Buxton weather… Storms, gales, you know, the usual! But nonetheless, it made Charlotte and Tom’s wedding that extra bit more special as we battled the elements and had the most awesome wedding day.

Firstly, before I tell you how flippin’ epic Charlotte and Tom are, let me tell you a little bit more about this amazing wedding venue and how perfect The Crescent is for photos.

So, it’s a Georgian, Grade 1 listed building….that in itself makes it super special. High ceilings for lots of light to bounce around and large grand staircases and pillars a plenty. Then outside, the symmetry of the large curve in the hotel and spa really makes it look like a truly regal building. Who wouldn’t want to get married there?! As a wedding photographer, what’s not to love?


Then, add into the mix two awesome humans, Charlotte & Tom and their Jurassic Park wedding… My, oh my. Magic happened.

I first met these two at a wedding show what feels like an absolute age ago. We chatted and when they left, I said to Hannah “I want them to book me – I want to shoot their wedding”. It sounded so cool. Charlotte and Tom wanted relaxed wedding photos but with some added EPIC(!!) thrown into the mix, with cool bridal images and creative portraits. Giving me the freedom to create what I wanted and shoot their wedding how I saw it, I was sold. Did I mention they were hosting a cinema-style showing of one of my all-time favourite films – Jurassic Park?!! Oh, hell yes.


Guys, you put on an awesome day and didn’t let the traditional British weather spoil a thing. You were awesome at braving the cold and the weather, trusting me enough for some blustery portraits in the dark – hopefully, your efforts have been rewarded with these photos.

I hope you love them as much as I do!!


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Charlotte + Tom

Here’s our little preview of Charlotte & Tom’s wedding photography at The Ensana Crescent Hotel in Buxton, Derbyshire

Turn it up loud, hit full screen and enjoy! 😎