Wedding photos at Shustoke Barn by Cripps & Co.

Shustoke Barn wedding photography

Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography in the courtyard by the olive trees at night time
Shustoke Barns Wedding Photography - the sunset there is stunning
under the orange festoon lights at Shustoke Barns Wedding Photography
the beautilful orange brick building Shustoke Barns Wedding Photography

We LOVE wedding photography at Shustoke Barn. Being a wedding photographer there is amazing. We visit all sorts of venues, but none more perfect than Shustoke Barn, created by the amazing Cripps & Co group.
What an awesome place to get married. Whether you’re a bride, groom or wedding photographer, what is there not to like about Shustoke Barn! Surrounded by fields and trees, you get this exclusive wedding venue all to yourselves.  It’s just the sort of venue we LOVE to photograph at too. With all sorts of cool rooms and interesting bits of light around the venue during the day and the night, being geeky photographers, we love all that kind of stuff!

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Where to begin

I’m not sure I know where to begin with this wedding venue, I love so much about it.  It is a converted barn in Coleshill in the village of Shustoke not that far from Birmingham Airport (handy for the honeymoon!). They started doing weddings in 2013, which is when we photographed our first wedding there. As a result, we were blown away by the place.

The Building, The Food + Details

I love the big doors that let in lots of light, the lights in the ceiling, the olive trees in the courtyard, the festoon lights in the garden, even the fire exits signs (which are usually so ugly) have been carefully thought about. The staff are excellent. They’re so organised, accommodating and friendly which means you get the best service. Best of all, the food is unbelievably good. They do things with roast potatoes which are out of this world! They have a rotisserie oven and a giant BBQ resulting in the tastiest, juicy meat ever!

Most unusually they can seat up to 140 guests for dinner with 200 for the evening reception so there’s plenty of space for those larger English or Asian weddings.

Why wedding photographers love Shustoke Barn

Some photographers would walk in there, camera in hand and think it’s just a barn in the middle of a field and not look much further. You’re right, there aren’t a huge amount of manicured lawns. There isn’t a pond, water feature or cheesy metal pagoda to “stand in and have a photo’. But that’s a good thing. What Shustoke does have is areas of beautiful light and shade. Amazing different textures of brickwork, glass and old wood throughout the restored building building.

Most importantly it has a welcoming, warm character.
As photographers, we’re always hunting for light. The ceremony room is great, if you’re positioned in between the two glass barn doors, it’s a beautiful place to get married. The natural light comes flooding in, illuminating you while you say your vows, leaving your guests behind you in a beautiful warm light that eventually fades to darkness.

For couple portraits, there are lots of places indoors and outdoors for amazing photos. Outside offers open fields, a courtyard of olive trees, or an avenue of lit festoon lights which look amazing in the evening. You almost don’t need to go inside. That said, the light and shade of the little nooks and crannies indoors are amazing.

Shustoke Barns wedding photography. The bride arriving at Shustoke Barns for her wedding being viewed through the large oak doors at the venue
LIttle details in the wedding photos - The hair blowng in the wind

Shustoke Barns wedding photography with the groomsmen and bridal party
the throwing of the bouquet at Shustoke Barns

When the sun goes down

One thing we also love about Shustoke Barns as a wedding photographer, are those beautiful festoon festival lights. When the sun goes down and golden hour passes, they create an amazing avenue of light between the trees there. It’s such a lovely area to take 2 minutes away from all the noise and craziness and just relax before heading back inside for the party.

Shustoke Barns wedding photos by derbyshire photographers HBA Photography. The beautiful orange light of the festoon lights

The Wedding Evening Party

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s always an amazing party there at Shustoke Barn. We LOVE photographing it too as it always looks amazing. The walls are lit with coloured LED lights. There are nice high ceilings so we can use whatever flashes we like and there’s space so we can get up close and personal with the camera on the dance floor. We want you to look at the photos and truly feel the party, deep within your souls.

Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography

Thanks for viewing our Shustoke Barn Wedding Photography post. Ben and Hannah are international multi-award winning, husband and wife Derbyshire Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you see us at a recent wedding and have friends that are getting married, we’d love you to recommend us! See more of our Wedding Photos on our Blog here or on our wedding gallery 🙂

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