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the bride and groom hugging in the evening at golden hour with orange sunlight on the french alps behind them on their wedding day

Wedding Photography in The Alps

As a wedding photographer, The Alps have got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth to photograph, and the ski resort of Morzine is nestled right there in the middle of it all. For us, we love an adventurous wedding with an awesome atmosphere, so to hop on a plane, wild swim in lakes, paddleboard with friends, all whilst having a camera in hand to watch the sunrise and golden hour sunset…Well, it’s amazing, isn’t it?!

More geeky stuff about being a wedding photographer in The Alps soon…. but right now, drum roll please…… 🥁We’d like to introduce you to Will + Ali. aka WALI!!!!

Will + Ali

WALI aren’t just one of our beautiful couples, they’re also one of our bestest friends in the whole wide world. We met Will through the wedding industry – he owns a marquee company (Top Marquees Premier Events) here in Derbyshire, so we’d seen this guy every so often bumbling around at weddings. He’s genuinely one of the nicest guys you’re likely to meet – I don’t ever think I’ve seen him angry!!!

We started to hang out more and more, and then along came the lovely Ali! With her beaming smile that lights up the room, her caring nature and incredible desire to help anyone she meets, and her hilarious ability to just wander off without notice – she’s the perfect other half for Will and together, they’re a seriously awesome couple!

Before they were engaged, they said they wanted some photos together… I jokingly said, “Hey, what about Iceland”. It’s a photographer’s dream location…they were like, ‘Hell yeah – let’s do it’. So we did. We travelled together, lived together, ate a lot of food together, swam in mountain rivers together and worked out together – From that moment on, I knew they were going to be our friends for life. Plus, in front of the camera, they totally smashed it out of the park – Take a look HERE at our Iceland Adventure

a close image of the bride and groom hugging on their wedding day in the french alps

The French Alps – How it began.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to regale tales of how The Alps began … We all know that. Volcanes, earthquakes, tectonic plates etc etc… Ya know, creation of the universe and all that. It’s an epic story… you should totally look it up!

So, how did WALI and 40 of the most awesome human beings come to end up having a wedding in these beautiful French Alps?  It all started with a coffee, as most things do. We met for our regular coffee and food catchups #walifoodclub 🤣, and we just happened to mention about this wedding planner that I’d just chatted to on Instagram and that they should take a look at her page – Before I knew it, they’d already messaged her and just like that, the very lovely Vanessa from Mountain Weddings was firmly planted in WALI’s lives. I think they’re also going to be friends for life. That’s an easy one to call!

With Vanessa’s help, they booked this amazing location, and an awesome new hotel to go with it. Hotel Du Lac. You couldn’t have asked for any more – The hotel was great and the staff were EPICLY good!!!!  Great call Vanessa!!

will and ali, the bride and groom walking by the green emerald lake in Morzine on their wedding day

The Wedding Adventure

We arrived in Morzine, in the middle of the French Alps to find it raining…. what the hell!! Mountian life I guess, but it didn’t stop Will and Ali from hitting the decking and doing their daily workout together. Wow…I got this far and only just mentioned Crossfit. WALI love CrossFit…so much so that Will only went and opened a CrossFit box along with 2 equally nuts, crossfitting mates.

We arrived a day early, so WALI had organized a walk up to a mountain spa for the 4 of us – We had a morning of pampering, and massages before heading back to the hotel to get ready for an awesome meal out consisting of more meat & cheese than you can ever imagine!

The day before…..

By now we were settled in and it was just about time for everyone else to arrive to disturb the peace and tranquillity and get the party started. And oh boy, did it begin!!! It didn’t take long for “holiday Jack” to arrive and start the shots and games of Ping Pang Pong, which will now forever be scared on my liver.

Before that, we spent the morning paddleboarding on the lake, hanging out with everyone, and having the best prewedding day. It was such a nice group of people and felt like we already knew everyone.

Fast forward and it was time for the wedding of the century. Oh. My. Gaaaawd.

The wedding day….

I don’t need to write a million words to describe the day. The location was epic. That’s a given. As a wedding photographer, the Alps just spoil you. We knew it was going to be lovely. It was going to be a happy occasion and all those other generic wedding terms that get thrown around. What we didn’t know was how emotional it was going to be and just what an atmosphere it would be. There were tears all around…including us.

lots of wedding guests showing emotions as they hug the bride and groom on the wedding day

It’s very rare that you find a group of friends that truly are your friends. You could tell that everyone was there, not just because they’d been invited, but because they really wanted to be there for WALI.

Humans are often quite selfish with their time and emotions, but everyone was 100% all in, and you know what??? It really showed. Will and Ali are exactly the same… They will always drop everything to help you out and be there for you, so to see everyone reciprocate, really was moving. Free food and drink also helps, but that’s just an added bonus, right?! 🤣


We laughed, we cried, we partied hard into the early hours of the morning and we all fell that little bit further in love with the couple that we all know as WALI.


Thanks for such an epic adventure guys – We can’t wait to do it all again! Norway next? 🤣For now, here’s a little preview showing what we got up to while we work on the full gallery of images.

Find a screen bigger than your phone, turn it up LOUD, and enjoy! 🥂




Morzine, The Alps

A little bit more about being a Morzine wedding photographer in The Alps.

The great thing about wedding photography and being a photographer is that it takes you all over the place and I’ve got to say, The Alps is one of my favourites. The contrast between mountains and water is amazing. There’s something about it that always feels a little bit wild. We’ve spent so many years photographing beautiful, prim and proper weddings, which we love, don’t get me wrong, but when you get a couple with a sense of adventure who want to do things differently…100% count me in. If you’ve got to get on a plane, a train or a boat to get to the wedding, I’m in too.

Morzine is a beautiful ski area, nestled in the heart of the French Alps. During the winter the mountains are dusted with beautiful powder snow, fresh for epic skiing weddings and elopements, and in the summer the resorts become a little quieter as the skiers disappear and you’re left with turquoise glacial lakes and beautiful pine forests. What is there not to love?!



Getting married abroad?

If you’d like me to be your wedding photographer in The Alps, please don’t hesitate to GET IN TOUCH. Let the adventure begin. 🌲🏔


If you’re reading this and thinking of stepping outside the box and fancy a wedding somewhere cool on this awesome planet we live on, I can’t recommend Vanessa highly enough as your wedding planner. Having seen all the things she did for WALI, I’m blown away. She’s amazing.

Here are her details – Don’t think twice – just get in touch!!!

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