Suzanne & Jon

I have not stopped looking at the photos since you sent us the link. We did not expect them so soon and are both extremely grateful for the speedy turnaround! That takes hard work and dedication!

I cannot put into words how happy I am with the photos! You captured the whole atmosphere which comes across perfectly. We both never stopped smiling all day and you did so well with the time and amount of people that needed to be photographed before the light was lost. I know our crazy lot can be a bit difficult to round up, but you handled them perfectly! Your creativity and attention to detail is phenomenal, very clever ideas which look amazing!

I usually hate looking at photos of myself but I could look at these all day (which I have been). Thank you for braving the cold, you must have been perished but not once did I hear you say you were cold, you were more concerned about us being warm.

You are a lovely couple and I am so, so glad we found you that day at the Wedding Fayre. You were perfect for us!

Hopefully we’ll meet you again one day when we have a family to photograph