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Swinfen Hall Wedding Photography

The bride and groom stood together in black and white

A Swinfen Hall Wedding

This is Nikki, Ben and a Swinfen Hall Wedding!

We always like to learn little bits and pieces about our bride and grooms through the day, and this is what we’ve learnt about these two…. Apparently, Nikki has a bit of a reputation for not taking a great photo, to the extent that her friends, when feeling a little bit down and need a giggle, simply take a look through a special gallery of Nikki blooper photos of her looking awful in the background of photos. What we learnt about Ben is that he’s a massive Harry Potter fan and a little bit of him died inside when he missed out on Harry Potter play tickets. So there you go – what’s what we know about these two… oh yeah, they’re also flippin’ awesome and the sweetest couple ever!

Wedding preperations

I joined Nikki at home doing her hair and makeup – we were chatting about wedding day presents and whether they’d exchanged gifts and it turns out that her husband-to-be only went and bought her diamonds – amazing. So what could Nikki buy that was just as nice?! As well as a gorgeous pocket watch, she only managed to get hold of a pair of tickets to the Harry Potter play for Ben. She was so excited as these things are like gold dust and she knew how disappointed Ben was to miss out first time round. Awesome wife or what??!! You’ll have to come and tell Hannah all about it guys – Hannah’s also a huge Potter fan!

After finding out the Nikki doesn’t have the best of luck in front of the camera, I just took a step back and let the day unfold and captured what I saw. Her bridesmaids arriving with lots of happy smiles and giggles, her dad waiting to see his little girl for the first time in her dress and lots of wedding guests having a whole heap of fun.

The wedding day

We arrived at the church, better late than never, right Nikki?! 🙂  and after a lovely ceremony that saw Nikki and Ben giggling to themselves at the front during the hymns, we quickly headed back to the beautiful Swinfen Hall for the reception where towers of Krispy Kreme doughnuts awaited!!

Everything went to plan – we did some family photos, captured guests enjoying the surroundings, had some dinner and got through some hilarious speeches without too much embarrassment for Ben from his guys – then, the holy grail of Autumn weddings, the sun came out for literally 2 minutes of golden hour sunshine, so we ran back inside, grabbed Nikki and Ben, who were just about to tuck into their dessert and had a super quick walk in the sun. As quickly as it appeared, it had disappeared again but boy was it worth it! Back to desserts!

The evening was just as fun – Loved watching the 5p drinking game unfold as pints of beer and glasses of wine were downed just before we all hit the dance floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dance floor so full so early on in the evening (thank you 5p drinking game!!). It was awesome, everyone was awesome and the whole day was awesome!! Have I used the word ‘awesome’ enough in this post yet?

We love a Swinfen Hall wedding – A big thanks to Nikki and Ben for being such a great couple and for having us along for the ride. Here’s just a few of our favourites!!

the bride smiling father of the brode opening some champagne the bride's shoes the bride in her dress the church at Whitwick the bride & groom during the ceremony the bride & groom during the hymns the bride signing the register the bride & groom in confetti the bride & groom in the grounds at Swinfen Hall the bride & groom the bride & groom holding hands the bride and her bridesmaids swinfen hall the wedding speeches the bride & groom in golden hour the bride & groom in golden hour the bride & groom the bride & groom in silhouette against a sunset the decor the bride & groom's first dance the bride & groom first dance wedding guests dancing wedding dancing

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