Stubton Hall Wedding Photography || Laura + Ross

The bride ands groo on the staircase and Stubton Hall in nottinghamshire

Stubton Hall Wedding Photography

I think that Stubton Hall is my new favourite place for wedding photography. Possibly for two reasons.

One… Stubton Hall as a wedding venue is amazing and such a great place for wedding photography. I’ve never been there before, but the moment you pull up the driveway and set your eyes on that beautiful building, I was sold. I knew it would suit my style with lots of light and shade throughout the building, which I love in photos.

Two… It helps that my wedding couple are AWESOME. I’m a little bit in love with Laura and Ross and I reckon that even in a tin shed, these two beauties would have brought the party and we would have had the best time ever!!!

So, more about Stubton Hall in a bit…For now, meet Laura and Ross.

Laura + Ross

We met them for the first time waaaaay before lockdown. Remember those days when you could just go out for coffee with friends? Well, this is what it felt like. 4 friends, just hanging out and right from the beginning I was in. They could have told me that they were having the crappest wedding in the world and I would have still been 200% in. For me, it’s all about people, their connection, their happiness and the wedding day itself becomes less and less about the other stuff.

Of course, the “stuff” helps makes everything else look amazing, but it’s the relationship between two people and their connection to each other, and to us that really stoaks my fire. So all that wedding “stuff” doesn’t really matter if you’re already awesome. However, if you’ve booked some of the best suppliers in the industry to supply all those beautiful things (I’m going to stop calling it “stuff” now), it quickly becomes something truly special.

The wedding ceremony at Stubton Hall

Suppliers that rock.

Nadia and David from Nadia Di Tullio flowers are always top of my list when it comes to flowers and the moment Laura & Ross said they were thinking of having them both, my heart skipped a beat. Not only are they total rock stars in the wedding world, but they’re just nice, normal people too. (Check out their shop in Ashbourne) I knew that the “stuff”, was going to be waaaaaay more interesting than just decoration. Then there was mention of one of my favourite cake bakers, Nat from Ruby Lou’s. Again….a big YESSSS!! Not only does she keep my pancreas working way harder than it should to maintain a vaguely normal insulin level in my body as I devour as much of her original cookie dough as I can get my hands on, but she bakes pretty friggin’ awesome cakes too!  Add all of that together with Imagine Events doing the styling, Little Paperie doing the stationery and that incredible venue and you’re truly cookin’.

All of a sudden, not only have you got beautiful, amazing humans, but all of that so-called “stuff” that, at so many weddings feels underwhelming, suddenly becomes integral to creating what has become one of my favourite weddings….EVER!!!! Can I say that? Don’t get me wrong…. I’ve had SOOOOO many wedding highlights as a photographer and I love each and every one of my couples, so much, but there was something about this wedding and these guys that really rocked and it was a pleasure to be a part of it!

A black and white image showing the groom looking at his bride and smiling

An awesome day

I could sit here and write a typical blog post about “we did this, and we did that”. And then we went here and did some speeches, ate some food etc etc, but you don’t need me to tell you that. That’s happening at every wedding. It’s what weddings are.

Instead, I’m just going to say how awesome it was to be a part of the day. Laura and Ross, not only are a super foxy, smokin’ hot couple, but their friends are all great too and they know how to party. Laura’s brother even had his tie around his head, dancing hard during the FIRST set of the band!!! Now THAT’S good going!


Guys…. thanks once again. We had the best time and I hope the photos help you relive what should go down as one of the best days of your lives so far. I say so far, because I suspect you’ve got great things to come!


I’m guessing you’re bored of reading the crazy ramblings of a wedding photographer, so here’s a little preview of your photos while I get back to working on your full gallery.

Hit “full screen”! Grab some bubbly and turn it up LOUD!!!! Enjoy 🙂


Stubton Hall as a wedding venue from a photography point of view.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire area that’s great for photography, Stubton Hall ticks all the boxes. It’s made up of old, 19th century buildings, 25 beautiful bedrooms, an orangery and 4 separate reception rooms. There are loads of grounds, 23 acres in fact, so you’re never going to get bored with a camera in your hand and a beautiful couple in front of you.

I love old buildings where little pockets of light fall. It allows you to be creative and bring out a little more atmosphere in the day. It’s got a stunning staircase that leads up to the luxurious bedroom for the wedding guests to stay. I don’t normally use staircases for photos as 90% of the time they look a bit average, but I couldn’t help but use this one after I saw Laura’s wedding dress flowing down the stairs as she took her final steps towards the ceremony.

If you go hunting, the sun sets beautifully at the side of the building too so those “golden hour” photos are there for the taking.

All in all, a pretty darn good day, wouldn’t you all agree? 🙂

misty golden hour wedding photos at stubton hall