Special COVID Offers

Hey guys!!

How are you all doing in these crazy times? We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with our self-build barn, working on new photography techniques, and most importantly, enjoying some of the nice weather we’ve had recently. It sucks to be in solitude, but it’ll be all the nicer when we’re all allowed out again.

It has, however, made us reflect on what’s important. We’re missing seeing the people we love and hanging out with those closest to us – You guys must be feeling the same right about now?

So, we decided to put together a few special offers to bridge those gaps a little bit and help create some nice new memories.

10-Day SALE!!!


ENDS Tonight!!

Special Offer #1

Look back at your wedding gallery for another 12-months

So… Hands up if you know where your wedding USB stick is right now? It’s ok, it’s been awhile, right? We know, you’ve put it in a “safe place”, but actually have no idea where is it…

We’re the same. We’ve got a drawer full of random stuff and I can’t be bothered to sort through it. So, while you’ve got this unexpected block of time on your hands, why not take another look through your wedding photos and stir up some happy memories!!

We’ll create you guys a new gallery so you can look through your images, re-download them again, or share them with friends and family and we’ll keep it online for the next 12 months as an extra backup in case you really have lost those precious photos. Log in and take a look at your gallery any time you like!!

We have a special offer!!

New Gallery – Online for 12-Months
Was £129Now £59

-Access to your gallery for 12-months
-Re-download your images

We’ll even give you a £10 gift voucher to spend on prints in our online shop within your gallery!


Special Offer #2

Family “Lifestyle” Photoshoot

During these isolated times of lockdown, we’re really feeling the need to see our family again and it’s become so apparent that we just don’t have many nice photos of all together, being ourselves. It’s time to change that!

We want to offer you guys the chance to grab yourselves a lifestyle photoshoot – Whether it’s just the two of you, or you’ve had a baby since we last saw you, or you want a few of your close family there too… that’s cool.

I know that when we all break free from this solitude, our friend and family will be waiting with open arms and I want to be there to photograph those moments of re-connection!


Normal price is £299+

We’re offering a very limited number of shoots for just £149 + a download of all the final images

– At your home or somewhere you love nearby

– Up to 6 people

– Digital Download of ALL final images

– Travel costs included for 25 miles from our base in Derbyshire

Shoots are valid for 12 months – Why not gift it to someone?



Thanks for getting this far – If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email: info@hbaphotography.com or live chat to us/leave a message at the bottom of this page.

Stay safe, and look forward to those good times again. 🤝☕️💃

Han & Ben x