Wedding Photography Prices

All prices include VAT.

Confused?! Not sure what suits you best?

Here’s our useful guide to help you choose what’s best for your wedding!

How long should I book you for? 

It’s up to you – most people book us for a full day, starting from the bridal preparations through until the first dance – this gives us the whole day with you guys to capture everything from start to finish and lets face it, it means you get loads more photos of you and your guests having fun! Who wouldn’t want that?!!! 

What are Bride / Groom Preps?

We’ll just come and hang out with you guys while you’re getting ready – tasteful shots of you and your girls having your hair and makeup done, shots of mum shedding a secret tear when she thinks no one is watching as she see’s her little girl all grown up. Most importantly,  that moment when dad sees you for the first time in that amazing wedding dress looking a billion dollars – the look on his face is often priceless! 

The great thing about having us there during the preps, is that it gives everyone chance to get to know us and realise that having a camera around really isn’t that bad, so you’re nice and relaxed for the photos later on.

Worried about being stressed in the morning? That’s no problem – We don’t set many things up, we photograph things as and when they happen, so there’s no stress at all! You don’t even have to worry about tidying the house up much in advance – it’s all about you guys, just doing what your doing at that very moment in time on your wedding day – if the house is a mess, who cares!! It’s all about you – life is messy and we all come out smiling in the end and as long as you enjoy it along the way, that’s all that matters. So don’t worry about the little stuff in the morning, just enjoy looking forward to the beginning of the most awesome journey in life ever!!  

The Evening Reception

Lets get the party started!! Having us there into the evening gives us more time to be creative throughout the day as we don’t have the pressure of getting everything done in a short couple of hours. It also gives you guys time to enjoy every part of the day because you’re not trying to rush to get everything photographed – you can actually enjoy some canapés and a glass of bubbly. Most photographers are night owls, so when the day turns to night, we come alive and can get a whole other set of cool, dark and moody photos that’ll make you look totally amazing!! (Even more than you already did, of course!)

How about some extra time on the dance floor?

Everyone knows that the real party doesn’t start until later on, when all your evening guests have had a few drinks and have caught up with your day guests. A wedding isn’t complete until one of your mates is dancing around with no shirt on and a tie round his head – Surely you want photos of that!!!??!! 

So, what is Stop Motion?

Stop motion is a mixture of video and photos, lots and lots of photos! We basically make a fun and creative time lapse of your wedding so you can see the whole day in 3 or 4 minutes. See examples of stop motion here.

Why an engagement shoot, we’ve been engaged ages!?

Engagement shoots aren’t really shoots to celebrate you getting engaged – we use them as an excuse to take photos of happy people in love, no matter how long they’ve been together. Most people book this shoot as a way of getting used to being in front of the camera so the first time isn’t on the wedding day. Read more here