Wedding Photography Prices

Hi there!

By now, I’m sure you already know who we are, but if not, “Hey! We’re Hannah and Ben from the sticks, it’s great to meet you!” We’ve spent the last 11 years honing our craft, working on ourselves and what we know, and learning all about what really matters when it comes to weddings and honestly, we’d love to get to know you guys a little more and document your wedding in our own special way, giving you memories to last forever. You can read loads more and get to know us on our about us page. Right now, all you need to know is we LOVE adventurous weddings, people having fun, and lots of cake!

Why Invest?

Honestly, we can’t stress this enough. Picking your photographer is soooo important. Your flowers may fade and your cake will definitely get eaten, so once the excitement has all died down, all you’re left with are beautiful photos, capturing peoples personality and emotion, and the feels that were going on around you. We made this mistake 10 years ago when we got married – We booked someone rubbish as we knew no better back then and now we don’t have any photos to remember our day.
bride & groom laughing


Get Ready

Once you’ve booked us, we’re there for you. Our door is always open. Whether you just fancy a coffee and a chat, or you want to ask our advice about something like timings on the day, nothing is too much trouble. We’d love to get to know you some more and even better, we’d love to take you on a ‘Connection Photoshoot’ adventure with the camera before the wedding so you can realise that having your photo isn’t actually that scary… it’s kinda fun!


Ben on the day

We’ve got your back. You’ve got Ben on the day. That’s a given. He’s there, by your side to lend a hand the whole way through. We LOVE telling the story of the day so we’ll be there side by side as you laugh, cry, do shots on the dance floor, or climb a mountain in your Jimmy Choos or Converse. We’ll be there. You can have a 2nd photographer too! How awesome is that… waaaaay more memories. Oh yeah, did you know Ben also plays the sax?



Hannah Behind the Scenes

I’m the one who makes life simple for you guys. I’m there to lend a hand in your planning and I’m super organised, so if you need anything, just let us know! After the wedding, while Ben is beavering away editing your photos, I’m there building your wedding album, preparing to give you, your first amazing family heirloom.


Every wedding is unique, so we’ve put together a range of prices, starting from £1500 to £3k+

Fill in your details below, hit send and make like Wilson Philips and ‘Hold On‘…we’ll be back in touch asap!