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the bride and groom stood by the big gates at park hall farm

Jodie & Ben… now where do I start with these two! (currently sat here with a thesaurus, looking up different ways of saying AWESOME!!)

So, the first thing you need to know about Jodie and Ben is that they are wedding photographers themselves – pretty cool right? The nice thing about shooting a wedding photographers wedding, is that usually they’re ALL about the photos, and these two are no different. They even said to me when I first met them, “if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to try at a wedding, we’re the couple to try it with”, and that we just want loads of photos of the two of us, alllllll day long, just the two of us! Ok then, yes please, we’ll shoot your wedding for sure!

The second thing you need to know about  these two is that they’re both hot as hell! They’re both mad into their crossfit and rugby – Jodie being all slim and sexy, and Ben being tall, dark and handsome and both in great shape, these two are smokin’ hot!

The third thing is that they’re the NICEST PEOPLE EVER!!!! When we first met them we kinda fell in love with them a little bit – their friendliness and attitude toward life is infectious. SO bright and bubbly, so easy to get along with and how could you not like them when you see how good together they are. There aren’t many couples that would happily go for a run together on their second date, but these two being so well matched did, loved it and the fell in love right there any then!

They’re kinda sickening!!

So onto their wedding…

Park Hall Farm

Jodie and Ben have seen a lot of wedding venues during their career, so finding somewhere close to home, that they loved was tough. They’d photographed at Park Hall Farm before and after looking at a few venues, they knew this was the place for them. A nice little farmhouse, a marquee sat by the side of it on the lawns, with a field next door for their tipi village ticked all the boxes and this was the place they were going to start their married lives together.

The morning was fun – We met Jodie at her dad’s house, just down the road from us in Uttoxeter with all her bestest girls friends helping her. As a side note, all her bridesmaids are gorgeous too  – a seriously good looking wedding!! Tough job, right!?!?  There were so many giggles throughout the morning, whether it was discussions about where you can hold a pencil to see how well you’re ageing, to the girls practicing walking down to the aisle to Paul, Jodie’s dad, who happily stood in as “the groom” at the front to receive a kiss form the bridesmaids as they approached him. I’m sure at one point we overheard Paul asking them to keep on practicing  their walking!! I wonder why 🙂

Once Jodie had put on her dress, we headed off to Park Hall Farm to see what Ben was up to – As it turned out, he was pretty nervous and a little bit emotional (in his words, “a right old blubber-puss”). Stood there at the front of the aisle waiting for Jodie you could see that he was anxious to get the ceremony started. All we needed was Jodie to arrive, and arrive she did and style. Her dad had rented a brand-new Land Rover for her as a complete surprise to drive her the route that they took every day as a child, from her parents house as a child to school, only this time stopping at the wedding venue to marry her best friend.

I guess at this point we should say little bit about the weather. The forecast was somewhat changeable. It was supposed to be cloudy for most the day and then start raining at some point in the evening, however just as they both said I do and exchanged the rings, the heavens opened with a massive downpour!! Plans were temporarily put on hold but luckily we managed to get a little break in the rain – just enough time to get a few good photos done and go for a very quick wander with Jodie and Ben for some photos before dinner. Phew!!!

A few months ago we borrowed Jodie to do some test photos on our new studio backdrop so we knew she could rock a pose (no pun intended!) and was going to look great in front of a camera – but we didn’t know was how well they’re going to be as a couple. As it happens, unsurprisingly, they were awesome together. Very rarely do people not need any direction at all when standing for photos, but we just wound these two up and let them go. There were so cool and relaxed together – they didn’t need any help from us, so we just photographed them, being themselves!

I feel like I’m writing a lot about this wedding but there is so much to say – a beautifully decorated marquee, hilarious speeches, an amazing wedding cake, live music all day, a guest who forgot his suit trousers (I know!!), the list goes on and on. We even managed to get outside in the dark for a little while and play in the rain and grab a few last shots before we left Jodie and Ben dancing away before retiring to their bell tent and campfire for the night!

We’d like to thank Jodie and Ben for being simply amazing with us – it felt like we were there photographing friends we’d known forever and we had the best time! Here are just a few of our favourite images from the day, be sure to click through to the Full Gallery at the end of the page!

The brie getting ready with her bridesmaids the bride hvaing her hair done the father of the bride putting ribbons on the car the bride's dress the bride looking out of the window the bride looking out of the window the bride putting on her shoes the bride and her bridesmaids the father of the bride seeing his daughter the father of the bride and bridesmaids the bridesmaids waiting for the ceremonyThe bride looking at her father before the ceremony the groom waiting for the bridethe groom watching the bride coming down the aisle

the bride & groom during the ceremony the bride & groom coming down the aislewedding guests throwing confetti lots of wedding guests throwing confetti the bride with her umbrella in the rain the wedding guests at Park Hall Farm the wedding guests during the reception the groom and groomsmen the bride and her bridesmaids the groom the bride & groom the bride & groom alking down the drive the bride & groom in the countryside the bride looking at the groom the bride & groom the bride & groom laughing the bride & groom in front of a blue door the bride in a pocket of light the bride and groom the bride & groom under twinkle lights in the rain the bride's umbrella blown inside out the speeches everyone laughing at the speechesa lot of laughter during the speeches the best man's speech the bride & groom walking in the rain the bride & bridesmaids in a puddle the groom and groomsmen a moody photo of the groom & groomsmen the bride & groom's first dance the first dance the bride and girls on the dancefloor guests in the evening reception the bride & groom and their characture the marquee at night the bride & groom outside in the dark

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