Our ‘best of’ 2018 wedding photos


Our ‘best of’ 2018 wedding photos

I’m sat here, wondering what on earth I can say about our 2018 wedding season. Having spent the last week going through the 28,000+ images we’ve delivered to our couples this year, I’m slightly numb. I know we say this every year, and 12 months later I’m here writing it again, but this has definitely been the BEST year ever for us. Honestly, I’m actually a little bit mad at you guys for making my job so hard this week… 😄 We’ve really struggled to narrow our photos selection down to just 150 photos, but here you go, we managed it…. Finally. I mean, it’s only 6 weeks past the point that I should have done this!  But I’ve been putting it off and putting it off knowing that it’s going to be such a hard task. The trouble is that we are attached to each image; not only for composition or lighting etc but also for the relationship we had with that couple!

This year we have met a truly amazing wealth of people; marathon runners, people living every day with debilitating illnesses, a bride who runs an awesome chippy, guys in the Marines, vets, chefs, doctors, lawyers, builders, dental nurses & families obsessed with ska music! A couple that climbed Kilimanjaro for thier honeymoon. A bride with a pet hedgehog. We’ve photographed the sister of a previous bride and also the brother of a previous groom, met their new additions. We photographed another photographers wedding. Heard about births but also tragic deaths. Some people have been loud and gregarious, others have been quiet and self contained, others have just been straight forward lovely people. No matter the details…. I can honestly say that every 2018 couple has been a real pleasure – we remember you all with fondness and much hilarity! Seriously, whenevr you’re around, we’re alwyas up for a coffee so drop us a line!!

We’ve met amazing suppliers along the way too, seen cool new venues, travelled to countries we’ve never been to and made some amazing new friends in the process – We friggin’ love it and we love you guys for making it possible! So we want to say THANK YOU….. 11 years ago, when we first got into this business, we started out with a crappy camera, zero knowledge about weddings, or indeed photography for that matter, but we’ve slogged, we’ve studied hard and learnt our craft, and continue to learn every day – and here we are today. You guys not only pay us to do the thing that we love, but you take us all over the world to do it and most importantly for us, you put 100% faith in us and our ability to document your wedding in our own style, however we see it. It’s so humbling to us and we genuinely hope we’ve done you all proud this year. You’ve been amazing to us and we can’t have asked for anything more!


So, what does 2019 hold for us…who knows! All I know is that our class of 2018 has set the bar pretty damn high. We are looking forward to travelling to new places and the longer we spend in this industry, the more creative and unique weddings become and we’re so excited to see what everyone puts together.

It’s also a big year for us personally as we start our mini-grand design. Don’t forget to follow our building progress as we battle through a web of planning obstructions to build our new HBA home – Here’s our Instagram page – give us a cheeky follow: @haybarn_on_the_hill


Thank you all again for being so awesome – Bring on 2019!


Here are our highlights of 2018…

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