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Our Approach

We’re Hannah & Ben Appleby and we’re Derbyshire based photographers. Ben is the lead photographer with an awesome eye for a great shot and I am the organised one who will make all the arrangements, chat to you on email and answer all your questions!

There is so much that goes into a wedding and it gives us a great feeling knowing that it’s the photos that will be your lasting memory of the day – flowers fade, wedding cake gets eaten, but the photos will be around forever. I guess that’s why we love wedding photography so much and are so passionate about it  – the thought of us being there to capture some awesome moments between you guys and your guests, knowing that you’ll be looking back on these when your both old and grey, for us, that’s everything! 

We’re very natural photographers; we’re not bossy or imposing and we aim to capture your wedding day without interfering with your enjoyment of the day! We’ll concentrate on the emotion of the day along with special moments with your friends and family and of course all the details that you’ve spent so long on. After the wedding, we’ll include a USB stick with all your final images (with no watermarks) and we also have a range of gorgeous albums.

If you like the sound of the above, please do get in touch.


How long does the photography take?
We usually recommend 2 hours between the end of the ceremony and the start of your wedding breakfast (excluding travel time) – Don’t worry – this isn’t all taken up with photos though – that’d be as boring as hell! It means you have time for a few photos, to taste those canapees and time for you to mingle with your guests and actually enjoy your day without rushing from one place to another!

What if it rains!!!
We’ll keep on shooting anyway!! If you guys are relaxed about the rain, we are too. It’s amazing what you can do with a good old umbrella and a bit of flash power  to give you some amazing photos together.

How long do you stay during the wedding?
Typically we are there from the bride’s final preparations (about an hour and a half before you leave for the ceremony) up until the first dance (roughly 8:30pm). You can use our pricing system to build a package to suit you. If you want us to stay longer just let us know.

What time do you arrive for the bridal preparations?
Our standard coverage includes the final bridal preparations – typically this is about 1.5 hours before you leave for the ceremony. Very few brides want photos as their rolling out of bed without any makeup on at all, so we find that the final touch-ups are more than enough time to get some great shots, without you worrying about the world seeing you without your makeup on.

How many photos do we get?
We take an almost unlimited amount of photographs, these are then edited after the wedding to select the best. For a full day of photography, so from the bridal preps through until the first dance, you’ll get typically 350 to 500 images on a disk. We give you two sets, one in high resolution for you to print from and a set in low res for you to put on Facebook or email to friends and family.

What if we don’t want loads of group photographs?
That’s awesome! It gives us more time to concentrate on capturing your guests enjoying themselves and having fun, and some great shots of you both at your venue.
If you want some group shots, that’s cool too. Family is super important – Some couples like a selection of group photos, others like us to capture just informal gatherings of guests enjoying the reception, and of course we can do a mixture of both. We can help you plan and guide you on how to avoid a long list of group photos that can take forever.

What if I don’t like my photograph being taken?
We often find that the couples who tell us, when we first speak, that they do not generally like their photos being taken, actually enjoy the wedding photography on the day. We have a fun and relaxed approach and are confident of capturing you at your best which helps to put you at ease and enjoy the photography. There is a big difference between having your photo taken by us as professionals as opposed to what you might have experienced with photos taken by friends or family. We also provide you with a range of photos so that there will be plenty of styles and expressions to choose from.

Does the price include VAT?
Yes, all of the prices on our website and online shop include VAT.


In safe hands

Do you carry spare equipment?
Yes, we carry back up cameras and equipment, so that if ever a camera developed a fault we would have a fallback system ready to go.

What professional insurance do you have?
We carry full public liability insurance.

What if you fall ill on the day?
Firstly, it would have to be something very serious for us not to come to your wedding, but we do have lots of colleagues in the photography business that we could call on should the worst happen and we’ll always do our best to find a suitable replacement.

After the wedding

How long until we see our photos?
We aim to have your photos edited and online within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date. Times may vary depending on the time of year.

Do you offer albums?
We do. We offer two types, the first is a storybook made in the UK by Loxley. The second is a matted album, made by the world famous Queensberry. You can see more about albums – Click here

How do we choose our photographs for our album?
We will send you your USB containing all your final images and you can choose your album images from there. We will guide you as to how many to choose.

Can our photos be put on the web?
Yes, we write a personal blog about your wedding day and this links to the full gallery of your images.

What if we want photos printed in the future?
We provide you with permission to print your images. Be aware of this, as most wedding photographers retain the copyright to the images and you are forced into paying extra to get access to your photos.