Mythe Barn wedding photography

Mythe Barn wedding photos

mythe barn wedding photos

Mythe Barn wedding photography

We knew this was going to be a great day, ever since we met Charlotte and Andrew for their connection shoot at Calke Abbey, where they had one of their first dates! Add to that, Mythe Barn is such a lovely venue – located near Sheepy Magna (what a name for a village😀), it’s a great mixture of country rustic barn and modern surroundings with lots of great places for photos! In fact, there are so many great places, we rarely seem to use the same spot twice, which is awesome!

The wedding

The day all started upstairs in the bridal suite at Mythe Barn. With lots of bridesmaids all hanging out, the atmosphere was awesome. We could hear all the giggles from the bottom of the stairs as we arrived – love that! The first thing we noticed, apart from Charlotte looking all happy and chilled out, was her dress – simply stunning. The beading detail on the back of the dress was beautiful and with her hair being styled to the side, it was amazing to be able to see that detail shining in the sun all day long. As if that couldn’t get any better, out came her Ted Baker shoes – soooooo cool! If I were a girl (this is me, Ben, writing this blog), I would definitely have a pair of these bad boys, even though I’m sure Charlotte’s feet would not necessarily agree!

So, hair and make up done, the dress was on, the shoes looking awesome and Charlotte looking stunning, there was nothing left to do but go and get married – Yay!!! Andrew was pretty calm and collected but he did look a little bit nervous stood there at the front of the aisle waiting for Charlotte and her dad to arrive, but he held it together and they had a lovely ceremony, filled with lots of smiles and laughter.

Photos in the grounds

It was another beautiful sunny day, so we we all headed outside for drinks, canapés, confetti and a few photos before dinner. At this time of year, when the weather is nice, we often like to leave most of the couple photos until after dinner when the light is a little less harsh and a bit more golden, and boy did the sun gods rewards us on Sunday! That golden light was incredible – we could have played in it for hours!!! Anyway, I digress (us photographers often get carried away talking about things like light!!). After a few speeches our master of ceremonies played a little game and read out some comments that guests had left on cards earlier in the day – OMG – hilarious!!! The bridesmaids stitched him up good and proper!!!

Evening photos

So, back to that light…!! After dinner we went for a little wander around in the golden hour sunshine for a few romantic shots of Charlotte and Andrew together before a game of Mr & Mrs on the dance floor and then into the first dance!

An awesome couple, an amazing day and so much fun with all the guests!!!  Here are a few of our favourite images from the day, don’t forget to click through to the Full gallery to see the rest!  Enjoy guys!

the cermeony room at Mythe Barn the bride's dress hanging up bridal shoes from Ted Baker the bridesmaids smiling watching the bride the bride having her hair done the bride getting dressed the back of the bride's dress the bridesmaids hugging the bride the bride with her flowers the flower girl the wedding ceremony at Mythe Barn the first kiss during the ceremony  the wedding guests at a mythe barn wedding   the bride at the house at Mythe Barn the bride & groom in the gardens the bride & groom in the gardens  the bride & groom in silhouette the bride in a shaft of light  the wedding speeches the bride's grandma laughing at the speeches kids at weddings kids at weddings the bride & groom in the golden hour the bride & groom the silhouette against the night sky the bride & groom at sunset the bride & groom walking  a game of mr & mrs the first dance at mythe barn the first dance at mythe barn everyone dancing at the wedding


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