sacophone player at a wedding against the blue and orange sky

Wedding Saxophone

Wedding Music you say?! But aren’t you wedding photographers?

So, yep, it’s true. We are creative wedding photographers, but we’re not only Derbyshire based wedding photographers! We are very lucky to be able to offer something very special, Ben’s very first love – the saxophone. You can read all about it on our About Us page.  He was originally trained in music and gained his degree at LCM before touring all over the world with bands. His main passion is wedding photography but we still love to offer the saxophone as an addition to photography.

During the wedding breakfast, he puts his camera and lenses down and swaps his hat from photographer to musician! He’s awesome.

The sax can often be thought of as a loud, brash instrument, but when played properly, especially at weddings,  it adds a real touch of class to your day and we always make sure that the volume is pitched just right so your guests can still have a conversation while they eat their wedding breakfast!

Please have a listen to the tracks below that Ben has recorded to give you an idea of the sort of music you can expect on the day and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.