Masson Farm Swallows Barn | Nadia & David

Masson Farm Swallows Barn wedding photography

Swallows Barn Wedding Photos | Nadia + David

If you’re looking for a beautiful countryside location for either a tipi or a marquee wedding, Swallows Barn at Masson Farm is perfect. With stunning views of the Derbyshire Peak District and Riber Castle, Swallows Barn is a great choice. Better yet the Heights of Abraham cable cars lead up the venue for a dramatic bridal entrance!! Maybe, just maybe, you want a wedding with just 7 guests and then head home to a “birthday party” to surprise all waiting friends and family!! That’s what these two did and despite the torrential rain, it was one heck of a day!

So meet Nadia and David – Nadia is one of the best florists in the wedding industry, so very talented and the loveliest person you’ll ever meet! She’s also a great friend of ours and despite her having the pick of the business for photographers, she chose us, so we felt very honoured to be there. David is her super cool (now) husband – we’ve only really met David a few times, usually in passing at weddings as they’d both arrive to deliver flowers, but his reputation proceeded him and he’s such a nice guy. These two are perfect for each other!!

A Surprise Wedding

So Nadia and David wanted to do something a little bit different –  a surprise wedding it was. Up until recently the only people that knew were Lorraine and Sandra at Lori G (who made her dress…. more about that later!), Denise the owner at Swallows Barn, her lovely Maid of Honour Laurissa, and little old us! We felt a bit naughty knowing this dirty little secret and it was certainly tough keeping it to ourselves as we talked to mutual friends and colleagues at weddings over the last year! By the time the wedding came around, a couple more people knew about the day who were helping out, but Nadia did an awesome job of not telling anyone, it must have been killing her not to shout it from the rooftops!!

So you might notice that Nadia wasn’t wearing a white dress – far from it. She’d seen a dress that she liked online and took it to the lovely ladies at Lori G to take a look at and next thing she knew, they’d gone and made her an even better version of the dress, from scratch, and it was awesome! In a dark blue, with a very dropped hem at the back. Nadia had designed a stunning bouquet of deep red flowers and had awesome sparkly blue shoes from Irregular Choice, she looked a million dollars!! Her biggest worry about the day, was “I hope David doesn’t hate my dress”!!! …. As if!!!!

Now, you can never plan the weather in this country and yesterday it really wasn’t on our side, but there’s nothing us Brits do better than to soldier on anyway and continue with our outdoor plans and say a big ‘screw you’ to the weather!! After the ceremony, we had a bit of fun in the fields above Swallows Barn – some of the cows were rather friendly and were certainly interested to see what David’s very expensive Paul Smith suit tasted like! After a few photos and the odd smoke bomb, we headed down into Matlock Bath for a wander and to let their children play in the arcades. Matlock Bath is close tot heir heart, as this is where Nadia and David came for some of their first dates.

The party

It was time to head back home to get ready for the “birthday party”.  All set up the in garden was a little marquee and Nadia had converted her workshop into a gorgeous bar, lit with fairy lights everywhere – it looked beautiful. As guests arrived they were greeted with the beautiful voices of Charlie and Will from Mango Acoustic Duo  – two of the loveliest people in the music business!! After a little while Laurissa performed a surprise ceremony in front of everyone to finally let the cat out of the bag – to everyone’s joy and excitement it was clear that Nadia and David were MARRIED!!!!
The party continued as the fish and chip van and ice cream bicycle arrived to feed everyone and magician Anthony Chan entertained everyone with some amazing close up magic!

Such a great day and it was awesome to be a part of it, to see two amazing, gorgeous, lovely people get married!

Here are a few of our favourites from the day…

Nadia_&_David_photos_0004 the bride getting her makeup done the bride's amazing shoes the bride having her hair done the bride chatting to her daughter the bridesmaid helping the bride with her dress the bridesmaids converse the view from Swallows Barn over to Riber Castle the groom & best mand coming down the hill to the venue the bride laughing the bridesmaid talking to the bride's mum the groom smiling the bride and her father walking to the ceremony the father of the bride during the cermony the ceremony barn the father of the bride the bride & groom and their witnesses the groom and son walking away the bride & groom getting covered in confetti the bride & groom under an umbrella the bride & groom's son posing with an umbrella the bride looking out the window the bride & groom cuddling the children playing the bride's sun lying on the grass the bride & groom the bride & groom the bride & groom in with the cows the bride & groom looking at the view the bride & groom in with the cows the bride laughing while the cow licks his bum the bride & groom in the field the bride & groom the bride & groom walking through a meadow the bride & groom sitting in a cafe window the bride & groom infront of a blue door the brides son the bride & groom on the bridge the bride & groom by the river the bride & groom in Matlock All the food and drink at the wedding reception the decor at the wedding reception the bride's son Mango Acoustic Duo singing the father of the bride laughing with the groom the family hugging the bride & groom hugging Lots of confetti on the floor the family laughing the bride dancing the groom laughing the bride & groom hugging the bride & groom in the twinkly lights


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