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the briade and groom in the caves on lusty beach in cornwall on thier wedding day


Wedding photos at Lusty Glaze in Newquay

We’ve been looking forward to taking some wedding photos at Lusty Glaze ever since Lisa & Lewis booked us as their photographer back at the start of the year. Lusty Glaze is a secluded cove, on the beach, just on the outskirts of Newquay in Cornwall. Honestly one of the most unique wedding venues we’ve ever been to!!

Lisa + Lewis

When met these two awesome humans a while ago when they first started planning their wedding. We totally fell in love with them. They’re so warm and friendly and you instantly feel like you’re hanging out with mates. As they talked about the day, their wedding sounded really cool and we knew we had to be there to photograph it! Thankfully they also agreed that that wanted us there… So that was it.  A year later we packed our bags and headed on the road to hang out with these guys again. We couldn’t wait!!

Scoping the wedding venue

So we drove down to Cornwall the day before and went straight to Lusty Glaze to have a look around. We parked at the top of the cliff and headed down the 133 steps (!!!) to the privately-owned cove. At the bottom, there is a lovely little restaurant with cute beach huts and the most amazing beach!

The weather on this day was crazy – so unbelievably windy, but we headed onto the sand anyway to have a nosey around the caves and rock pools. We spotted a little pool of water that was reflecting the blue sky, nestled in the rocks. As soon as we saw that, we knew that with a nice wide 35mm lens on the camera, our bride and groom were going to look EPIC there. Turns out our photographer instincts were right and Lisa and Lewis totally nailed that location on their wedding day.

The forecast for the next day was better so we wanted to be prepared in case we got a chance to head out onto the beach! So excited!! From where we were, we could also see an amazing spot on the headland, so we jumped in the car and headed over to check it out as a possible location for a sunset. Ben was right, it was a gorgeous spot and we pinned it for the next day just in case Lisa and Lewis fancied a little drive for some photos.

bride and groom walking on the beach in cornwall on thier wedding day

Photos on the wedding day

When we woke up, it was still raining but the forecast was better. So, we had everything crossed, little did we know that it would turn out to be the perfect day for a wedding on the beach!!  Honestly, who gets gorgeous sunshine at the end of October for a day at the beach! Amazing. After the ceremony, we were able to get out onto the sand with all the wedding guests, for confetti, drinks & canapés in the sunshine – so lucky for an Autumnal coastal wedding!!

It was super bright and sunny. I guess a happy problem to have. As a photographer, you don’t want to have everyone squinting during their family photos, so we had two options. Turn everyone round against the rocks which would have looked cool, or wait for a tiny bit of cloud to blow over so we could use the sea as the backdrop… way cooler. So that’s what we did – Everyone was having an awesome time on the beach having a drink and canapés, so there was no rush and we waited for a nice little bit of cloud cover so give some nice soft light and went for it.

The rest was easy – Just making the most of cool photo locations, sun flares of light poping over the hills as we photographed on a wide-open aperture for beautiful depth and softness, capturing all the joy and happiness that followed Lisa and Lewis round.

The day was filled with sunshine, love, laughs, Jagermeister, great food, glitter, good music and a bit more Jagermeister!!! We LOVED it!!


Here’s a little preview while we work on your full gallery. Our only rules are; Find a screen bigger than your phone and hit ‘full screen’, turn it up LOUD and enjoy!! 💕


Here’s a few of our favourite images from the day….

The Lusty Glaze sign made from rusty metal The bride having her makeup done a sign at Lusty Glaze the bride & groom walking down the aisle the bride's dress wedding guests heading out to the beach the bride & groom getting covered in confetti the groom hugging wedding guests the bride & groom with their bridal party on the beach the wedding party heading back up to the venue the bride & groom in a cave the bride and groom walking on the beach the bride and groom walking on the beach taken from inside a cave wedding guest and son asleep at the wedding the bride & groom by the beach huts the bride & groom in front of the beach huts the groom's bow tie and buttonhole the bride & groom watching surfers on the beach the bride at sunet the bride and groom taking a moment to enjoy the sunset the bride & groom watching the pre-recorded speeches everyone at the wedding watching the speeches the best man's speech everyone on the beach at night with sparklers the groom dancing the wedding guests enjoying some shots the weddng guests on the dancefloor the groom with his friends the groom hugging everyone the bride hugging friends on the dancefloor

Weddings at Lusty Glaze

Wedding photos at Lusty Glaze in Newquay; A privately-owned cove & beach. Park at the top of the cliff and walk the 133 steps down to a beautiful beach!! With panoramic seascapes, sunsets over the Atlantic, rocky caves and dramatic cliffs, it make this cove one of the most romantic places on Earth.  Is there anywhere better to start married life together than with sand between your toes?

The restaurant is fully licensed for civil wedding ceremonies, elopements, blessings, vow renewals and receptions. Their wedding can be totally personalised to each couple. There is a lovely team on hand to make sure your special day is perfect. It is also the only place in Cornwall where you can legally marry on the beach!! You can hire the whole venue – that means that the beach is closed to the public for the day and it’s all yours!! Happy Days!

Weddings in Newquay

Cornwall is such a popular location for weddings in the UK. Newquay is one of the most popular towns in Cornwall.  Located on the north coast, there some of Cornwall’s finest beaches, 12 in total.  In fact it is home to one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world – Fistral Beach. There is also the newly restored Huers Hut.  There has been a shelter for Huers on this spot since the 14th century. The Huer would watch out to sea all day, and even on moonlit nights, looking out for the giant shoals of glinting pilchards or other fish passing by, then call out to the Fisherman. The harbour in Newquay should not be missed.

Newquay Harbour

Formerly known as Towan Blystra – the town got a new harbour, or ‘quay’ and the name came with it. It began supporting the Cornish tin mining industry, then to the heyday of the commercial pilchard fishing era. There is still some fishing from here but most boats just supply local restaurants now. From here you can book a fishing trip and take home your own catch. Or take a trip out to sea to view the local wildlife; dolphins, seals and maybe even a basking shark or a rare sunfish.

Wedding guests have a plethora of hotels and B&Bs to choose from. Huts on the beach, grand hotels, endless cute Air B&Bs – there’s accommodation for every budget and your family & friends can stay for a few extra nights and take some time away from everyday life!

If you would love a Cornwall wedding as much as we would like to photograph it – GET IN TOUCH and let’s chat!

Lusty Glaze wedding photography. Derbyshire Wedding Photographer. Ben and Hannah are multi-award winning, husband and wife International Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you’ve seen us at a recent wedding and have a friend that’s getting married, we’d love you to recommend us! 🙂

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