bride and groom crossing the blue water on stepping stones

Love The Dress Photoshoots

“What bride wouldn’t want to wear their wedding dress again!”

Most dresses hang lifeless in a cupboard or boxed up in the attic never to be worn again. What a waste of a beautiful dress!

Love The Dress is an opportunity to wear your dress again in great locations and look amazing one last time – Locations are as endless as your imagination, the beach, the backstreets of town, the farm, the middle of nowhere or on top of a mountain – the possibilities are endless!

Maybe the weather spoiled the photos on your big day or you simply fancy some different locations. ‘Love the Dress’ is the perfect opportunity to get some spectacular and very different photos from your wedding.

Originating from the USA, ‘Trash The Dress’ started with brides wearing their beloved wedding dresses in rivers, lakes, mud pools and even setting fire to them!! Here in the UK we’re a little more reserved – but it’s up to you how extreme you want to be… we’re up for photographing anything!

The photoshoot consists of:

  • Half or a full days photography either here in Derbyshire, or at your choice of locations (we will advise on suitability when we plan your shoot).
  • All of your photos on a high-resolution disk, with no copyright logos or watermarks
  • Online gallery of your shoot
  • The chance to feel amazing and unique in your wedding dress!

Contact us with some ideas and we’ll give you a quote on how much it would be to put together the shoot!