Losehill House Wedding Photography

Losehill House Wedding Photos

Wedding photos at Losehill House in Derbyshire - the bride and groom holding each other

Losehill House

Losehill House is privately owned and has been developed into the most beautiful boutique Hotel & Spa in the Derbyshire Peak District. This place is what we love about being Derbyshire wedding photographers – it’s surrounded by hills and woodlands with the sheep and cows grazing away –  a perfect little wedding venue nestled in the Derbyshire valleys.

The wedding

Meet Ali and Jaime!

So, what can we say about these two, other than they’re awesome. Fact! They are so lovely with each other.

Sometimes, as photographers we have to really work hard to spot the laughter and fun that goes on at a wedding as people can get caught up with the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, but not with these two – they laughed and cried their way through the whole day with their amazing friends and family, they did nothing but have fun all day long – Just amazing!

The day started off with Jaime and his mates going for a bike ride up the hill behind Losehil House – For most guys, they have a relaxing morning doing a few bits for the day ahead, a couple of beers and then throw a suit on, but not Jaime – he’s hardcore into his biking and so are his mates, so they found the biggest hill around and decided to cycle up it, and then straight back down – they looked awesome coming back to the hotel, covered in mud, but no broken bones, so that’s all good! We can begin…

While all this was going on, Ali was getting pampered, having her hair and makeup done with a glass of bubbly, just the way it should be.  After a few tears from Dad as he entered the room to see his daughter for the first time in her dress, it was off to the ceremony for a few more tears (good ones of course!). There were some lovely touches too during the ceremony too – Their friend had written a hilarious poem about a M.A.M.I.L. (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) and another friend delivered a cracking reading that had everyone in fits of laughter.

The speeches – OMG!!

The laughter didn’t stop there though – Skip on a couple of hours and it was speeches time and OMG!!!! Now we’ve seen a lot of amazing speeches in our time, but this one from the best man topped them all. Dressed as a courtroom judge, he proceeded to invite 3 guests to the stand as character witnesses to testify as to whether Jaime would be a suitable husband for Ali. The story about Veet for Men, ice-cream and frozen brussel sprouts topped them all – both of us were crying with laughter behind our camera, and it’s even made me chuckle a little bit sat here writing this – amazing!!!

Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, it was time for a bit of Elvis on the dance floor – now I’m not sure if the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll intended his songs to be accompanied with breakdancing and “the worm”, but he should have, as it was a lot of fun!

We could go on and on about how much fun these guys were, but we’ll leave it there and just say thanks!! Thanks to Losehill House and to everyone for making the day so amazing – you’ve both got some special (in a good way) friends guys!

Here’s a few of our highlights…

Losehill House Hotel the groom after his bike ride the groom on the morning of his wedding The bride having her hair done the bride's Jimmy Choo shows the bride with her flowers the bride's dad with tears in his eyes the bride walking down the aisle with her dad the father of the bride and the groom crying everyone laughing during the ceremony the bride and groom laughing during the ceremony the bride and groom signing the register the bride and groom outisde waving at their guests all the weddings guests having a great time the bride hugging all her guests the bride and groom getting covered in confetti the bride and groom with their family the bride and groom laughing the groom riding his bike the bride and groom having a moment together the bride and groom cuddling the bride and groom hugging the bride and groom laughing the bride and groom looking at the view the bride and groom in black & white the gorgeous wedding breakfast decorations the bride and groom laughing during speeches everyone laughing during speeches two lambs eating the bride's flowers the bride and groom infront of their wall of flowers the bride and groom being photo bombed the bride and groom cutting their wedding cake the groom eating the wedding cake the bride and groom's first dance the bride and groom's first dance the best man dancing the best man and groom dancing the groom dancing like elvis the bride's dad dancing the wedding guests dancing the groom and his friend on the dancefloor




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