Laura & Mark’s wedding at The Heath House

The Heath House Wedding Photography

So, Laura and Mark picked a pretty special venue – The Heath House in Staffordshire is stunning, with its beautiful gothic features and lovely orangery and gardens, you can’t help but fall in love with it – I just wish we had all day there to photograph as there are so many little places we could use.

Laura got ready upstairs with her mum and all the girls – When I arrived, the Champagne was flowing, presents were being handed out and everyone was having a great time, while downstairs the guys were greeting guests and Mark had bought all his men a custom engraved wooden beer tankard and cigar – a great start to the day!

A lovely ceremony followed by a few group photos before we got cut short by an impromptu rain shower  – It didn’t last long though and we were soon back outside basking in the sun and going for a wander around doing some lovely couple photos. It wasn’t long before we saw in the distance the red jacket of Toastmaster Wayne walking towards us which always means it’s time for dinner!

Laura and Mark are such a lovely couple and it’s obvious they’re great together.

A big thanks to David and Geoff who stepped in to assist me on the day while Hannah was unwell – Much appreciated guys!

Here are a few of our favourites…

Laura & Marks wedding photos at The Heath House Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0002 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0003 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0004 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0006 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0008 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0009 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0010 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0012 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0013 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0014 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0016 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0017 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0018 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0019 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0020 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0021 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0022 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0023 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0024 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0025 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0026 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0027 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0028 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0029 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0030 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0031 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0032 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0033 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0034 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0037 Laura_and_Mark's_Wedding_Photos_at_The_Heath_House_0038


Stop Motion

Here’s Laura and Marks fun and quirky Stop Motion wedding video! Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy!


The photography – HBA Photography

Venue – The Heath House, Tean

The dress – from Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire
Tiara headband –
Brides Earrings –
Rings –
The bridesmaids dresses –  Colour: Stormy
Crystal in the bow: Etsy
The suits – of Crewe
The shoes –
The hair – Natalie Bartram at
The makeup – Lorraine Poulton at
The cake table –
The flowers and votifs –
Lantern and candle hire  –
The DJ/LOVE letters/lighting and LED Dance floor – Ashley Goodchild at
The stationery – Victoria Bailey at
The Toastmaster – Wayne Shelton
The favours – www.
The casino – Paul Thomas at
Beer Tankards-Groomsmen gifts – Etsy
Catering –