Hockwold Hall Wedding Photography

the bride and groom walking in golden sunshine at Hockwold Hall

Hockwold Hall – A beautiful venue for wedding photography


Emer + Tyler

Do you even get a better-looking couple than these two? Both with beautiful blue eyes, a smile that lights up a room and they’re both super lovely to boot!!!!  It gets even better… They’ve got great taste in wedding venues too. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that’s perfect for photography, Hockwold Hall has got it all. A gorgeous red brick country house, dark and contrasty interiors, 5 acres of walled gardens to explore and a licenced outdoor ceremony area. Oh yeah, did I mention that they’ve got Meerkats too??! How awesome is that?!

Anyway, I’ll write a little more about this stunning wedding venue a bit later… for now, let’s talk about Emer and Tyler.

the bride and her father coming down the staircase at Hockwold Hall in Norfolk

The Wedding

They had the most amazing day. Emer and Tyler were one of our first wedding couples where we could photograph more than 30 guests at a wedding, so for me, I couldn’t wait. They wanted a nice relaxed day, with not too many portraits, more capturing the day as it unfolded, so we just hung out in the sun and focused on the amazing atmosphere that was there in front of me. You could tell everyone was just as excited as I was to be out and about again at a wedding.

A few highlights of the day for me were seeing their bridesmaid sing acapella during the ceremony – so beautiful. Tyler’s best man Reney was the nicest guy ever and delivered a great speech. Groomsman Jay was super helpful and I probably asked him to do waaaay too many jobs for me in finding people, but he was awesome. Thanks man 👊🏻

The band were also amazing. All session players, from my home uni of LCM –  I knew they would totally knock it out of the park and they didn’t disappoint!!


Anyway, I could go on and on about how great everyone was, but for now, here are some photos to enjoy instead!

Here are a few of my favourites while I work on your full gallery. Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy!


Hockwold Hall Wedding Photography

I’ve already mentioned that I’m a little bit in love with this venue. Owners Richard and Marie are so nice and helpful, and they’ve created something special there in Norfolk. It’s got everything you’d need for a wedding, and as a photographer, Hockwold Hall spoils you to death.

There are 8 luxurious bedrooms, a cellar for the after-party, a games room, a hot tub…you name it.

Once you’re finished in the house, you can head down to the large marquee for the afternoon dinner evening reception, and party hard in the dancing area where there’s also a stage for the wedding band. The sun goes down beautifully over the lawns leaving the perfect location for some gold hour photography, and with a lens and wide-open aperture, that gorgeous sunlight just floods in.

It’s definitely up there amongst the best wedding venues in the UK! I LOVED it!





bridal part in the golden sunshine