Dorfold Hall Wedding Photos

A photo of Dorfold HallDorfold Hall wedding photography in Cheshire


A photo of Dorfold Hall

Updated 30th June 2020

Dorfold Hall – A historic Cheshire Wedding Venue

Most of you know that I love shooting in old houses and halls – there’s something about the light that is beautiful and the atmosphere you can create is amazing, so when I met the lovely Candice and went for a look around her family home Dorfold Hall in Cheshire, I knew I had to shoot there! It had everything – beautiful windows, Venetian glass chandeliers, opulent family artwork on the walls,  amazing, truly beautiful gardens, a lake, a victorian water garden and to top it all off, an old coach house that was yet to be refurbished.  The best thing about Dorfold is that it’s about to become one of the premier wedding venues in Cheshire – amazing!!

Here are our Top 20 wedding photos at Dorfold Hall


Our photoshoot

It’s not very often I get to set up my own photoshoot – normally we’re booked by other people to photograph their vision, but on this occasion, it was all me. I’m all about the people – the details are always amazing to have and I love seeing what everyone creates, but for me, if you can’t have lovely people, in a dark and intimate setting creating a really romantic feel, it just doesn’t work – Dorfold Hall was perfect. Victor and Jazmine from Industry People nailed it – The created a gorgeous moody atmosphere, which was perfect for the hall and style of the shoot.

The aim was to head out into the gardens for half of the shoot but the weather was so epicly rubbish leading up to the day, and indeed on the day, that we just couldn’t risk getting the dress muddy and wet, so we had to stick to shooting inside for most of the day – suits me nicely as I could have shot inside all day long and still have only covered half of what we planned, but then the weather broke and we managed to head outside too for a small selection of the gardens while it was dry.

Sooooo many places to choose from at Dorfold Hall and its going to be an amazing wedding venue – I could shoot there all week long!!

The details

We had to most amazing people on board – Vicky & Maxine for the hair and makeup, who lived up to their reputation of being amongst the best in the industry at what they do, as well as being lovely to work with all day. Kate from Bridal Haven provided us with a whole range of truly stunning dresses – so many different styles to choose from  – I think we picked the perfect ones for the gorgeous Jazmine. Victor looked pretty hot too in his custom tailored blue suits from Whitfield and Ward.

Then onto the cake, and OMG, what a cake it was from Marise from Bloomsbury Wedding Cakes – She knocked it out of the park on this one!  A 5 tiered beauty, with buttercream ruffles sprayed in real gold leaf – a truly opulent cake that looked amazing.

No wedding would be complete without flowers. I didn’t really give much of a brief for the shoot as I like people to create whatever they feel fits their own style – All I said to Kayleigh from The Little Potting Shed was for it to be full of foliage and a few accents of rich colour to suit the house, and oh my, what an awesome job she did!

There were so many other beautiful touches – The gorgeous old Bentley leant to us for the shoot and some handmade stationery from Yellowstone Paperworks to compliment the table decoration from Whitehouse Event Crockery… I could go on and on. All you need to do is to look at the photos to see that everyone did an amazing job on the day!

Thank you all for being awesome at what you do, and a big thanks to Candice and her family who opened up their home to us for the day and let us wander around as if we owned the place. You’ve got a gorgeous home and I can’t wait to see it as a wedding venue. Candice with your drive, passion and lovely manor, I know it’s going to be a venue that’s talked about across the country as THE place to get married in Cheshire.


Here’s a few of our favourite photos from the shoot…
the bride having her wedding makeup done the groom in blavk and white stood by a window at Dorfold Hall the bride with orange lights behind her a dark portrait with a bride and groom the bride and groom walking away form Dorfold Hall in Cheshire the groom stood in window light in a blue suit the groom looking out of the window the groom sat at the wedding breakfast table surrounded in candles the bride sat at the wedding breakfast table in Dorfold Hall the bride looking out of the window the bride stood in the hallway at Dorfold Hall an amazing 5 tier wedding cake with real gold leaf the bronze table decorations the wedding invitation details of the old bentley wedding car outside Dorfold Hall in Cheshire the bride looking out of the window of the wedding car the bride and groom stood by the wedding car at Dorfold Hall the veil blowing in the wind The bride and groom going for a walk the wedding shoes the bride stood in the old coach house the bride and groom stood in the old coach house at Dorfold Hall the bride and groom in the gardens at Dorfold Hall the bride and groom together surrounded by flowers the bride and groom laughing in the rose garden the bride and groom walking out of the dorfold Hall gardens Heading back to the house for the rest of the wedding


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Here’s a few shots of us all working hard behind the scenes at Dorfold Hall to make the shoot possible and create some amazing photos.

Kit used: Canon 5d MK3 |  50mm f1.2 L – My favourite lens for sure at the moment!| 100mm f2.8 L  | 16-35mm f2.7 L | 70-200mm f2.8II L | Elinchrom Quadra | 197cm Elinchrom Octobank | 70cm Elinchrom Gridded Softbox | A touch of smoke


Behind the scenes details frm our wedding photos at Dorfold Hall