Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

OK, OK so even though we photograph destination weddings all over the world, we’re going to tell you all about being a Derbyshire wedding photographer.

We are Hannah & Ben Appleby, a creative husband and wife team, we run HBA Photography, Derbyshire wedding photographers. We cover all over Derbyshire including the beautiful Peak District and the green quintessentially English landscape of South Derbyshire. There are some stunning venues which we love as a Derbyshire Wedding Photographer. Old style family estates such as Tissington Hall or contemporary industrial-chic style at The West Mill. Or maybe a stunning country estate with spectacular views over the rolling Derbyshire countryside from the Marquee at Osmaston Park. We also cover the surrounding counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Yorkshire as well as further afield in the UK along with a few destination weddings.

Derbyshire is our home

Derbyshire is our favourite county, but we have to say that, we live here! We love The Peak District with all that it has to offer with beautiful views over the dales, The High Peak, the hills and valleys of Edale. Then there’s the city of Derby in the Derwent Valley with it’s industrial past and converted mill buildings. Finally, South Derbyshire which is green and lush.

We’ve been photographing weddings in Derbyshire for about 12 years now and here’s just a few of our featured Derbyshire weddings from The West Mill in Derby. Tissington Hall in Ashbourne. Calke Abbey in the village of Ticknall. I hope you’ll see a real creativity in our images, along with a genuine feel for the joy of the day! We love chatting about weddings, so please do SEND US AN EMAIL and tell us everything you have planned!!

Creative. Dramatic. Emotive

Wedding photos at The West Mill by Derbyshire wedding phtographers
Osmaston Park wedding photos by Derbyshire wedding photographers
beautiful dramatic and creative wedding photos at calke abbbey by hba photography

Our Approach to weddings

Within the wedding industry, we’re all guilty of forgetting that this is probably the first time you guys have got married so you’re maybe winging it a little and making it up as you go along, right?! I know we did when we got married. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it? So much to think about and so many conflicting views on what a wedding should be. But don’t worry… We’ve got your back!

So we thought we’d tell you all about our approach to weddings, from a photographers point of view. After all, I reckon that a wedding photographer has the most unique insight as to what actually goes on, on a wedding day. We’re with you for probably longer and closer than anyone else, longer even than wedding co-ordinators, so we can really help you along the way.

So whats our style?

Truthfully…? We don’t have a “style”. We don’t label ourselves as “documentary photographers” – We hate that term. It suggests that we lurk in the background, spying on you from afar like a weird stalker… Nope! We like to get in there. We’ll stick a 35mm lens on our camera (similar to the human eye) and capture the day from your perspective. Up close and real. We want you to look back at your images and re-live the day as you saw it, not disconnected from a distance. How can we truly tell your story, if we can’t hear the story!?

That said, we like to let the day unfold, without interfering too much, in a kinda documentary style. What happens, happens and it’s often those moments of uncertainty, panic and despair in between the moments of happiness that make the really interesting storytelling photos. We will always shoot the struggle. Life is messy. Life is a struggle, but life is good too!

We love to get close as well though. We’re not scared of couple portraits. We love to get creative with light on a wedding day. Creating striking portraits from super close, or really far away to give you something epic for the way. So I guess you can say that our style is just “Real”. Photographing your wedding just as you imagined it would be, in an epically beautiful way. That’s going to make you do a happy dance when you see the photos.

bridal portrait at a derbyshire wedding venue. The perfect place as a derbyshire wedding photographer
the gorgeous golden sunshine at Calke abbey in Derbyshire
derbyshire wedding photographer following a bride and groom through the woods
alternative creative group photos at wedding venue by a derbyshire wedding photographer



If you are looking for a Derbyshire Wedding Photographer then get in touch and tell us all about your wedding – We love to chat all things wedding!

We have several standard packages to suit all circumstances. However, if they don’t suit, we can even personally tailor a bespoke package just for you.

Derbyshire is a very special place as a wedding photographer

We are both very fond of Derbyshire. One of the perks of being a Derbyshire wedding photographer is that we get to travel all over this beautiful county.
There are the obvious famous beauties like Chatsworth House. Not to mention the National Trust buildings such as Hardwick Hall, Sudbury Hall and Calke Abbey. But it’s the landscape that really does it for us. The High Peak in the North of the county – near Manchester. Standing on the edge of Mam Tor, for example, looking out over the Castleton valley as your wedding dress blows in the wind is an amazing experience.
The Derbyshire Dales of Buxton and Bakewell down to Ashbourne. Then even further south into the South Derbyshire villages of Repton (where Roald Dahl went to school. Being so landlocked, one of Derbyshire’s villages has been named the furthest point from the sea anywhere in England!


derbyshire sunset at Calke Abbey

Get in touch if you’d like us to be your Derbyshire wedding photographer

We’d love to be your Derbyshire Wedding Photographer. Ben and Hannah are multi-award winning, husband and wife International Wedding Photographers. Ben loves travelling throughout the UK for weddings and abroad for destination weddings. Meeting new people every day as we go is awesome! If you’ve seen us at a recent wedding and have a friend that’s getting married, we’d love you to recommend us!

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