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Curradine Barns wedding photography

the groom with bride in the background

This Curradine Barns wedding was Part One of Jenny & Alex’s wedding celebrations. This was their traditional English wedding if you like and then on the following Tuesday they had their Chinese wedding in Birmingham – both days were awesome!!

Curradine Barns

Curradine Barns is a gorgeous wedding venue in Shrawley, Worcestershire and is the perfect location for a May wedding. Jenny got ready at the venue with her bridesmaids and then they had their ceremony outside which is fairly unusual for this country and makes a lovely change!! Drinks and photos in the courtyard and gardens, then into the Granary Barn for dinner and speeches. This place is littered with cool little spots for photos too – inside the car park barn, around all the open fields, or even just a rust old tin wall works a treat – We love finding great little spots around wedding venues.

On the wedding day

Jenny and Alex met through a love of Indie music, and this was their theme throughout the wedding with some cool looking records as table names and an entire wall of origami cranes – Ok, so not music related, but I had to mention them as they were amazing!!!  Alex and Jenny are so lovely together too – all they did was laugh and laugh, and laugh some more, with their friends and family joining in the fun too.

Below are some of our favourites from the wedding Part One, I can’t wait for you to see the photos showing what all the bridesmaids did to Alex for his traditional morning tasks in Part 2 of this awesome wedding!

Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0001 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0002 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0003 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0004 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0005 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0006 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0007 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0008 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0009 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0010 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0011 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0012 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0013 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0015 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0016 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0017 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0018 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0019 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0020 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0021 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0022 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0023 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0024 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0025 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0026 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0027 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0028 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0029 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0030 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0031 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0032 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0033 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0034 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0035 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0036 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0038 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0039 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0040Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0037 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0041 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0042 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0043 Curradine_Barns_Wedding_Photography_0044

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