Cripps Barn Wedding Photos

The bride and groom walking away down the drive at Cripps Barn with the veil blowing in the wind

Cripps Barn in The Cotswolds

If you’re looking for a barn wedding venue, then there aren’t many reasons to look further than a Cripps Barn for a wedding venue if you want beautiful photos. Cripps and Co.  know how to make AMAZING wedding venues and Cripps Barn in The Cotswold’s is their flagship and original venue. It’s such a great barn wedding venue.

So, a little bit more about Cripps and Co – They have a collection of exclusive use wedding venues throughout the country and we’ve visited quite a few of them now. Shustoke Barn, Hazel Gap and Grangefields in the Midlands are local to us as Derbyshire Wedding Photographers and they’re all consistently great venues. Beautiful barns, tastefully refurbished and set in amazing countryside…What more could you want for your wedding?!  Nope, I’m not on commission from these venues (I wish I was as we visit so regularly)….I just love them!!

As a photographer, they really suit our approach to weddings. They’re beautifully light and spacious in the daytime, but when the sun goes down they come into their own. Warm, romantic lighting through the venue lends itself to intimate portraits and when the party gets going, without fail, all inhibitions are dropped when we hit the dance floor at Cripps venues!

Wedding Photos from Cripps Barn

But if you’re readying this page….you’re probably going to want to see some photos, right?!

Here’s our little preview from Laura and Craig’s wedding there at Cripps Barn. A beautiful winter wedding between Christmas and New Year. Filled with so much fun, laughter, great food and lots and lots of partying!!!! 🥂

Turn it up LOUD, and hit full screen to enjoy!!



Planning a Cotswolds Wedding?

If you’re planning on getting married in the Cotswolds, we’d love to hear from you. It’s one of our favorite parts of the world and every wedding we’ve photographed down there has been amazing. No pressure!

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a black and white photo of the bride and grom kissing at Cripps Barn in The Cotswolds