Creative wedding photographer in Derbyshire

Creative Wedding Photography

Creative wedding photography in Derbyshire with the bride and groom under lots of orange lights

We love being creative wedding photographers in Derbyshire. It’s one of those places in the UK that offers so many photographic opportunities on its own, you almost don’t have to be creative! However, we like to try and step it up a gear and always be as creative as we can. As a result, we don’t repeat photos or become a photographer who just photographs the same thing over and over again at a wedding.

If we can find new, alternative and creative ways to be a creative photographer in Derbyshire, then we’re happy. But that extends further than Derbyshire.
See how we work at weddings here. We love to be creative whenever we photograph a wedding, where ever they are in the world. Whether that be in a converted industrial mill, a tipi on the edge of a lake in the Lake District, on the top of a mountain or a château in France.

Nothing makes us sadder than seeing lifeless and boring wedding photos. That’s total bull**** and you deserve better!! We want to be able to look at an image and feel all the passion. Everything that was there on the day. We want to know that it represents you guys having the BEST time with your friends and family and that whoever took the photo truly understands what matters to you guys!

Creative wedding photography… How?

As a wedding photographer, you have to be creative. There are always points in a wedding that “could be better”. After all, it’s not a commercial photoshoot or fashion parade. It’s real life. As a result, sometimes it’s the location that sucks. Or sometimes there is a just a small block of downtime where everyone takes a break. We often step into a room and think Wow!! All we see is nothing but bags, mess, a lack of light, or a whole load of fire exit signs. You have to be creative. We work hard to see past all of that bad energy and deliver images that stand up on their own, as works of art.

Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. We get totally sucks. We’ve got all sorts of tricks up our sleeve to get you guys to relax. Who knows, actually enjoy being in front of the camera on your wedding day. Or maybe you’ve got hangup about a certain part of your body. That’s no problem. We’ve all got stuff we don’t like. We have to be creative in our composition to make sure you’ll love the images afterwards. Whatever you need!

Creativity isn’t always about what we do with our camera on a wedding day. Sometimes it’s all about what you see and don’t see that matters.

Some of our favourite venues for creative photography

the west mill in derbyshire has to be one of the best places to get creative with phtography on the wedding day
creative wedding photography at the gorgeous french wedding venue Chateau de Cazenac in the dordogne
Creative wedding photography at Shustoke Barns in Warwickshire

Light, moments, composition…

These are the three golden words when it comes to being a creative wedding photographer.

The pose is important. That said, we don’t like to pose our couples too much. However, we’re also not one of those hands-off ‘documentary wedding photographers’ either. We’ll happily step in and give you guys a little help. We want you to look 100% awesome on your wedding day.

To us, there’s no point in taking a beautiful photo, in the most amazing light, in the most creative way. If you’re not going to like the way you look or feel in the photo, nothing else matters, right?

Then there’s the light. Do we use beautiful natural sunlight or flash? Well if the sunlight is harsh and directional, it can give amazing shadows and really striking highlights. Sometimes a highlight on a piece of hair or pair of earrings is all you need to transform a standard portrait into a stunning and creative wedding photo. Of course, if the light outside is horrible, then let’s head inside and be creative with artificial lighting.

the bride and groom surrounded by smoke  - being creative on their wedding day with the photography in derbyshire
trails of orange light helped us be creative as a wedding phtographer in derbyshire
a blank canvas helped create this portrait as we photographed through the grass
the spinning of the wedding dress and the smokey trails of light. creative wedding photographer in derbyshire
highlights of sunlight on Jo's hair allowing us to be creative with the wedding photography

Documentary v’s creative photography

80% of the day we photograph people, doing whatever they’re doing. Having fun or being silly. We love to capture those real-life moments that you’re going to take away and treasure forever. After all, this is what really happened on your wedding day.

However, we LOVE couple portraits and being able to be creative and play with the flashes in our camera bag. Being able to create images that take your breath away. That make you say “WOW…I had no idea that’s how it could look”. That’s what we live for. That’s how we give you photos that are anything but boring, standard “off the rack” photos. It’s what we strive for at each and EVERY wedding.

we love being a creative wedding photographer in derbyshire because of amazing buildings like the west mill

So, if you’d like us to be your creative Derbyshire wedding photographer, get in touch here.

Behind The Scenes

Creative Wedding Photographer

Take a look at some of our ‘behind the scenes’ images. THIS is where you have to be creative. Here you can see the starting point for an image, and then the final vision for how the shot turned out.

What YOU see – V’s – What WE see

The window here provided some beautiful natural light on Jo’s face. From there, we had to make sure the light rim-lighted her hair and the makeup pencil and then compose the photo to remove all the messy distractions in the room
These lights at Barton Marina are beautiful, but they’re pretty high in the air. So, standing on a table and chair, I managed to shoot through them. All that was needed then was a little pop of flash from a softbox on our beautiful couple to bring them to life in the darkness.
We knew that with the window shutters down we could create a cool image by adding a red gelled flash outside behind the bride and groom.
I’m always attracted to different textures and the depth of textures in this field of corn was beautiful. With the dark shadows of the green, to the highlighted leaves in the foreground.

This is natural light at its finest. Beautifully orange and soft, allowing me to concentrate on the amazing connection between these two.
This photo involved getting very wet!!! I hunted around to find a great composition, but there was no better shot than me sitting down in the water to bring out the water depth and colour as a leading line to our couple running along the stepping stones.
I wanted to use this doorway to create a nice sunset photo, but wasn’t happy with just having them stood in the middle. So, with a candlestick as a shoot-through and light from my phone adding a bit of extra sparkle to the silver candle holder, it created some nice depth to the image.

Our secrets revealed!

So you can see, there are so many ways to be creative as a wedding photographer in Derbyshire. You could utilize the addition of Off-Camera Flash strobe lighting to create great effects when the light is low. Alternatively, you can use natural sunlight to be creative. The number of ways to take the same photograph of a bride and groom stood together are endless. As a result, you’re only limited by your mind and drive to be creative.