Coombe Abbey Wedding Photos

A bride and groom kissing among falling confetti, with guests holding confetti cones in the background at an outdoor Coombe Abbey wedding.

Coombe Abbey Wedding Photos

Wow…what a beautiful wedding venue Coombe Abbey is for photos! When Jo and Mike booked me for their wedding ceremony at St. Johns House in Warwickshire, I was made up. They then mentioned that they’d be heading back to Coombe Abbey for their small wedding reception and my heart skipped a beat. I absolutely love this wedding venue. As a photographer, I’ve never been to Coombe Abbey before. However, as soon as I looked at the venue online, I knew it would perfectly fit my wedding photography style.

It’s a 12th Century, historic hotel surrounded by 500 acres of Warwickshire countryside – what more could you want for your wedding day?! Coombe Abbey is certainly an absolute gem when it comes to wedding photos. As soon as Mike and Jo walked through doors, the natural light flooding into the stone hallway was beautiful. I could have stayed there using the window light for photos for hours. And then you move to the back of the building and you’re greeted with  a large shrub lined avenue, leading to a lake. Surely, you can’t ask for much better than this for wedding photos.

Also, at this time of year, during the spring, the blossom is out on all the trees. Therefore it adds an extra special little bit of beauty to everything when you open up the aperture on the camera and allow the blossom to create a stunning bokeh in the images. I could go on and on all day about how much I loved this wedding venue for photography, but I won’t bore you!

Jo & Mike

The only thing better than this wedding venue is Jo and Mike. Two of the loveliest humans you’re ever likely to meet. Jo is so enthusiastic and fun to be around – an absolute ball of good energy, and Mike is a true gentleman. A truly beautiful couple.

Now, I’m going to roll back briefly from the wedding day and tell a story…

The Surprise Proposal

Mike proposed to Jo…she didn’t say yes. I believe he proposed again and she still didn’t say yes. But they knew they wanted to be together and started making plans for a wedding anyway.

Then Jo decided she wanted to do something a little bit special for Top Gun loving Mike. He’s a pilot himself and has a deep rooted love for the film Top Gun (who doesn’t, right?!!!). So Jo got busy behind the scenes. She set up a huge surprise engagement where she could finally propose to Mike and boy oh boy was it a surprise. She hired an aircraft hanger, sent Mike flying while we all set up a red carpet and photos of their time together.  Paul Martyn the sax player was there ready with the iconic Top Gun theme, and Lincoln Noel, keybord master was there for “Great Balls of Fire”.

We were ready, having finally dodged the weather, and as Mike landed and taxied back to the hanger, he was greeted with the Top Gun theme, and Jo excitedly waiting at the top of the aisle to propose to him.

I absolutely loved it, and I love Jo and Mike for doing this…. It’s not very often you get truly surprised in life anymore, but Mike was blown away. To witness that love and energy was so nice!

Then I got the chance to play in an aircraft hanger for some photos. Not only a first, but a technical challenge. We brought out a couple of continuous lights and between myself and Roo Stain, epic videographer, set to work to try and create some beautiful images, replicating those beautiful desert scenes from TopGun.


The Proposal

Collage of a wedding couple's joyful moments at Coombe Abbey, including dancing, hugging, and posing with an airplane in black and white and color photos.

The St. Johns House + Coombe Abbey Wedding  – Part 1

I’m aware that this blog is a lot of text, but there’s so much to say about these two! Sadly Jo’s mum isn’t very well, so the ceremony was moved forward. Jo and Mike had a very intimate day with just close friends and family around. We started off at St. Johns House in Warwick for the ceremony, before heading back to Coombe Abbey for a drinks reception and wedding breakfast. I love small weddings. It gives the bride and groom chance to chat to the people they most love. It also gives me chance to take beautiful portraits and explore the grounds Coombe Abbey for photo opportunities a little more without the time pressure of a larger wedding day.

[ P R E V I E W ]

Jo & Mike

Here’s our little preview of Jo & Mike’s wedding photography at Coombe Abbey and St Johns House in Warwickshire.

Turn it up loud, hit full screen and enjoy! 😎




Coombe Abbey Wedding Photos

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