Chateau de St Paul wedding photography

a winde andgle photo showing the Chateau de st paul wedding venue

Chateau de St Paul wedding photography

As a wedding photographer, I think that Chateau de St Paul  in the south of France is going to become one of my favourite wedding venues for wedding photography. It’s got everything that you could possibly want. Not only a stunning barn wedding venue in France but also has accommodation on site, a swimming pool for those post-wedding pool parties. It’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful French countryside, with quaint old buildings, open fields and a plethora of vineyards. Oh yeah, did I mention that it also has the most amazing little chapel on site so you can have a beautiful ceremony on site. And that is exactly what Kerry and Ben did.

The wedding weekend

They hired Chateau de St Paul for the whole weekend, invited all their wedding guests to stay and partied….hard! Everyone arrived there the day before the wedding for a pizza and gin party in the evening. The pre-wedding booze was consumed easily and a substantial amount of the wedding drink too. An awesome start to the celebrations. When in Rome, eh?! With the potential of a couple of hangovers the following day, it was nothing a quick dip in the pool couldn’t cure!

I arrived to find guests hanging out in the courtyard having a morning coffee. Some wedding guests had headed out for a run, and others just chilling in the pool.

the bride ad groom in black and white having thier wedding photos taken at the Chateau de st paul in france

Destination weddings

That’s what I love about destination weddings, especially in places like France, Spain and Italy. They’re always nice and relaxed. Everyone is simply there for a good time. There’s no pressure to have all the fun in one 12-hour period on one day. Everyone can unwind early, get to know each other and get the awkward pleasantries out of the way and then the wedding is so much more relaxed and fun because of it. It also helps that awesome wedding planner and generally super lovely human Laurence from Peaches and Cream Weddings was in charge of things and had everything under control, so Kerry and Ben could just enjoy the weekend without having to panic about plans.

Kerry + Ben and their Chateau de St Paul wedding photography

It goes without saying, the wedding was awesome – how could it not be?! Kerry and Ben are such nice people and all their friends and family are so cool too. What I wasn’t prepared for and I’m not sure anyone else was, were tears during the ceremony. It’s not very often I shed a tear during a wedding ceremony, but this happened…

Ben’s Dad, Anthony has secretly picked his sax up after years of not playing. He smuggled it over to France and learned the famous Snake Davis sax solo from A Million Love Songs. A complete surprise for everyone during the ceremony. It was one of those moments that will stay with me for a long time and I feel so grateful to have been part of it, reducing Ben to tears, his best man, his mum…Pretty much everyone, including me. It was just nice to see something truly surprising and really personal at a wedding – I know that if my Dad had done that, it would have meant so much to me too.

Once the champagne was popped, we partied in the courtyard with Blakes View taking control and playing non-stop. Guests even joined them to sing, and it just made such a cool atmosphere. So much so that we even put dinner back a little so they could enjoy the music a little longer as the sun was setting before dinner.

The rest of the day was a happy blur…. There were some great speeches, more singing, followed by lots of dancing. This of course let to more spontaneous guest appearances on stage as the band pretty much just gave the stage to anyone who wanted it for a while. Such a great laugh and it was great to stand back and see Kerry and Ben having the best time of their lives….even if Ben was having to fight to keep his shirt on!! lol

That’s the magic of this beautiful wedding venue. It just feels so relaxed and homely. You can truly make yourself at home and just be there with all your friends and family. The cornerstone to having a truly memorable wedding weekend.

the golden sunlight breaking through the trees as the bride and groom walk up to the old chapel at Chareat de St Paul in France



Here are a few of our favourites while we work on your full gallery – Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy! x

Chateau de St Paul – Venue Details

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the south of France, Chateau de St Paul is one of those little gems that you won’t regret booking. As a wedding photographer in France, I’m always happy to be there at Chateau de St Paul. Set in idyllic rural French countryside – how could you not love it? Logistically, it’s just 30 minutes from Bergerac airport, or a pleasant rural 1hr 45min drive from Bordeaux or Toulouse Airports. With flights daily from the UK or other parts of Europe, it’s an easy trip.
It has accommodation for up to 25 guests across 11 luxury rooms. There’s also lots of socializing space so you can all get together for food and drinks easily.
As a photographer, there’s so much scope. Outdoor party vibes. Plenty of space with natural light. The chapel is light and white which always looks great on photos. If you’re lucky enough to catch a sunset, the sun goes down beautifully over the surrounding valley for some amazing golden hour light too.


If you’re thinking of getting married at the Chateau de St Paul, I’d love to be there to party with you and give you beautiful wedding photography. Contact Me to find out more.



Contact details for the wedding venue

Address: Château de St Paul, Chemin de St Paul, 47290, Boudy de Beauregard, France
Tel: 0033 677424046


lots of confetti being thrown over the bride and groom as they leave the old wedding chapen at Chateau de st paul in france