Charlotte & Scott

Charlotte & Scott’s “Screw you” to COVID wedding!

Meet Charlotte & Scott – Such a fun and friendly couple and a pair of awesome human beings. Having been through the Covid-19 mill for the last year, they were determined to get stuck in and say screw it to the world and get married anyway!

Yes, they had a downscaled version of their original wedding, yes they could only have limited numbers of guests, yes it rained a lot and yes, they had Bennies pizza takeaway for their evening food….but OH.MY.GOD…We LOVE these guys!

We had the best day with them.

All we ask of our couples is that you make the best of everything you can. Just throw caution to the wind and enjoy the hell out of your day, whatever it turned out to be. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get married in that huge country estate you originally planned with 200 guests – Just invite your absolute favourite people instead. Hang out with them, and trust us when we say “hey, do you fancy standing in the wind and rain, in the dark, on top of an old diesel pump in your white jumpsuit!!”…We’ll do the rest!

Thanks for such an awesome day guys – We reckon it was even better than your original wedding could have been – You totally rocked it!  ⚡️🤘🏽



Here are a few of our favourites while we work on your full gallery! Turn it up LOUD…and enjoy!