Want an epic confetti photo?

How to get the perfect confetti photo

The bride and groom getting showered in colourfull confetti

How to get the perfect confetti photo!

Want an awesome confetti photo for your wedding? Who wouldn’t right?! Its one of those iconic photos that has always been part of a wedding, but unlike the “groomsmen holding the bride ” photo which thankfully has been sent to the “way too cheesy pile”, this one hasn’t dated one bit! It’s still a great moment in the day. It’s usually the first time your guests get to see you as a married couple and photographically it offers soooooo much more than just a confetti photo. It’s a good chance to get a photo of lots of your guests together. They’re all usually super happy, all at once and it shows everyone having a great time at your wedding – Who wouldn’t want to remember their wedding like that in 20 years!?

However, it doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes a little bit of prep work and some planning in order for your confetti photo to go from “hmm….my guests threw confetti” to “HELL YASSSSSSS – that was the most awesome confetti photo, ever!!

Here are our top tips!

Quantity + Quality

Get sh*t loads!!! Easy. No one ever said, “that was too much confetti”. This might seem obvious, but just when you think you’ve got enough confetti, go out and double it. Trust us – you can’t rely on guests to bring confetti, especially as many venues are becoming quite strict about what type of confetti you can have. There’s nothing worse than all of your 70 guests having to share 30 boxes on confetti around. Everyone ends up with a small handful and if you walk down a confetti tunnel (which most people do), all you get is lots of little throws and by the time the wind has taken most of it in the wrong direction, you’re left with a few petals floating around which looks rubbish!  Get waaaaay more than you think you’ll need and you won’t regret it.


Size matters

When it comes to confetti, size definitely matters. The tiny, real dried flower petals may look beautiful say in a basket at your reception, but unless you really have taken note of our “get loads” policy, they don’t show up as well in photos. We’d advise getting a mixture of large petals and small ones. This will give you different textures and having larger petals goes a lot further if you’re worried about your bank balance.

Confetti at Tissington Hall


Cones v Handfuls

So, you need somewhere to store all of this confetti! The cones look great, and they’re pretty handy, but when it comes to throwing, you want people to grab a big old handful. The best way is to have some cones around looking pretty, but have a couple of baskets of confetti in the hands of your ushers & bridesmaids and tell them to tell people to go to town on it and grab loads!

At all costs, avoid giving people individual bags of confetti – this is CONFETTI SUICIDE!!! It means that people only get a super small handful of petals each and they instantly think that’s all they can have. Save yourself the time, effort and money and just get some big ass baskets!

the wedding guests taking confetti  a little boy grabbing confetti


Get your ushers and bridesmaids working!

Ultimately, as great as a confetti photo looks, you don’t want to spend ages getting it ready – you wanna get on with enjoying your day, right? So get your ushers, best men and bridesmaids all on handing out duty and we’ll organise the rest for you. 30 seconds…done! Let’s go grab Prosecco and a beer!


Where to buy?

There are lots of places online that you can buy confetti online, but be careful as to what you buy. We would always advocate biodegradable confetti (stay away from the foil as it’s horrible for the wildlife and looks a bit crap). Most venues don’t even allow the foil stuff so you need to know what you’re looking for, and if in doubt, check with us.

Natural Petals
If it’s natural flower petals you’re after, Shropshire Petals are the place to go.

Biodegradable Confetti Canons
We’d highly recommend a couple of extra confetti canons to give to someone trustworthy. They give an extra bit of height to your confetti photo and really add to it.

These are the ones that we buy: Confetti Canon – Click Here   – They’re filled with white tissue that’s biodegradable. These can also look amazing on the dance floor, maybe coming towards the end of your first dance, you ask a couple of your bridesmaids to let these off – They look amazing!!! But Ssssh! If I were you, I wouldn’t tell your venue about the plans as they’ll probably say no to dance floor confetti as they don’t want to hoover it up – I say, it’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, just don’t tell them we told you that!  🙂   However, if you know the venue is strict on confetti, please respect their wishes!!

wedding guests throwing confetti