Our TOP 10 tips for your wedding day!

Our TOP 10 tips for your wedding day! (hide)


Our TOP 10 tips for your wedding day!


1 – Give it up! Put someone else in charge!

So you’ve done all your planning, you can do no more. So on the day of the wedding, put someone else in charge. Whether it be the wedding coordinator at the venue or a trustworthy bridesmaid (be sure to choose a calm one!) Have your basic timetable written out and make sure you’ve agreed it with the venue. Give all your major suppliers a copy along with your trusted groomsman and bridesmaid.  Put them in charge, then relax and go with the flow!

As a side note, from our experience, very rarely does a wedding stick to timings, but they’re always awesome days, so once you’re there with your friends and family, just concentrate on having an amazing time and don’t stress about the little things like timings!

2 – Nail the morning!

First – get those hair & makeup people there early! Especially if you have a few bridesmaids and mums to get done. If brides are ever running late it’s usually down to hair and makeup running over slightly.

To be ready for the morning of the wedding, have all your important stuff laid out so that it’s easy to find when you’re getting ready. Your jewellery, your shoes, dress, garter, perfume – get them all in one place and get rid of anything you don’t need like packaging, overnight bags, dress bags etc. Also, have a kit bag to take with you to the church or venue. Give it to someone before you leave to keep it safe, put it in the boot of your dad’s car etc. A bottle of water, a snack, plasters, paracetamol, lipstick, deoderant, saftey pins – anything that you are likely to want during the day. You know where it is and it’s easy to find.

Then get your dress on eariler than you think, they can be tricky to do up. Walk around in it, have a little practice walking in it, tighten it a bit and then relax, knowing that everything is ready and you look amazing! It means you’ve got time for either a drink, something to eat, to have a few photos, or just some spare time in case something goes wrong.

the bride in silhouette doing her lipstick

3 – Don’t drink too much

I know…boring!! But it’s all too easy to chug back the champagne, but you probably won’t have eaten much in the morning and you don’t want to be tipsy during the drinks reception and have a headache by the time speeches come around. Drink lots of water and have a water bottle with you in the car, that way you will be fresh as a daisy all day and ready to party in style when the band starts – THAT’S when you should be letting loose, let the champaign flow, do some shots with your bezzies and have an epic party!!!

4 – Have a first kiss!!

In church services the vicar can sometimes miss out “You may kiss the bride” and go right into some prayers!! Boooooo, you need that first kiss – have a chat to your vicar or registrar and make sure you get your moment!! Hollywood stylee baby!!!!!!

5 – Don’t stand by tradition

Not if you don’t want to – some couples want a very traditional wedding, but don’t be forced into stuff you don’t want to do or aren’t that bothered about. Prime example; a receiving line… A few years ago everyone had a receiving line, but if you have 100 people at your wedding and still only speak to each person for 30 seconds that’s still alomost an hour out of your day – mental!! Same with speeches, cutting the cake, first dance etc. If you don’t want speeches don’t have them, or on the flip side if the girls want to make a speech – DO IT!!

6 – Make time for photos

Don’t get me wrong, Ben can steal you away from your guests and in just 5 minutes and give you some beautiful images BUT, the more time he has with you, the more creative he can be. The most stunning images you see on our website are ones where our couples really care about photography and have given us some time. He often gets super creative in the evening when the sun goes down and there are lots of new oppertinuties to make the use of your venue – We’d say, take a few minutes away from you dance floor, have a breath of fresh air outside with us and we’ll create some cool ass portraits of you both before you head back in and party.

Osmaston Park wedding photography

7 – Enjoy all those little things & have a time out

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your wedding, all those little details – so take a moment to appreciate how great everything looks! AND I’m sure you will have heard this before, but schedule in 10 minutes when you and you’re new husband can have some time alone!!  No photographers, no videographers, no drunk uncles – just you two! It will mean leaving everyone for 10 minutes but that’s OK – go for a little walk around, hide in your bridal suite, whatever it takes…  ditch us all for a few minutes and spend some time alone!

brides boquet

8 – Remember to say thank you

Remember to say a little thank you to all the people that have helped in the run up. Not just family and friends but suppliers too. They will have taken some sketchy brief drawn on the back of a napkin (If you’re anything like us 😂) and come back with gorgeous designs, flowers, decorations etc that will have hopefully surpassed your expectations! After the wedding, drop them a note to say thank you, recommend them to friends and if at all possible one of the greatest gifts you can give them is find a public site that rates said vendor and write something that could sway couples to call that company. I know it’s not really in your job descriptions to act as their marketing departments, but you can genuinely make a difference to their business and we really do appreciate you singing our praises.

9 – Have a moment with your important people

On my wedding day, I completely forgot to have a photo with my best and oldest friend, I couldn’t beleive it and I’ve felt guilty about it ever since. So make the time to pull up a chair and chat with your favourite people for a bit.

friends having a laugh

10 – Don’t sweat the small stuff – Enjoy!

Have a blast! Seriously, don’t sweat the small stuff…. I can guarantee it doesn’t matter if one of your friends leaves early or you get brown toast instead of white toast with your starter. You’ve probably spent 18 months planning this ONE DAY – enjoy every second because you’ve only got this one chance and don’t waste a single second stressing over something that doesn’t matter – so make great memories, laugh, dance and hug everyone (including us – We love a hug)!!