Tips on posing for portraits!

bride and groom hugging

Here’s the dirty little secretPortraits are easy! You don’t need to be worried about having your picture taken….not one little bit!! It’s only me and you guys. Just us, no one else following us around, none of your mates taking the piss out of you rocking poses, just us.

All you’ve got to do is be yourselves, nothing more, nothing less and let me do the rest. We’ll have fun, you’ll look awesome and that’s all there is to it!

Ssssshhhhh!….Don’t tell anyone, but that fake trout pout that you see the world doing on Instagram… you don’t need it! It might good on your phone, with cute rabbit ears on Instagram stories, but that’s about it. Do it in your wedding photos and it will look weird!

So what to do instead? Well…. take that selfie arm and use it to hold your husband/wife, as inappropriately as you like and enjoy a few minutes together. Hang out with the person you’ve just committed to spending the rest of your life with, and let’s make this real! Wedding portraits aren’t all about posing like a catwalk model (unless you can totally nail that!), or gazing off into the middle distance pretending to be pensive and thoughtful…they should just be real. You guys, being yourselves, doing whatever it is that makes you tick. So, just do that! Have fun, be sexy, be silly, fist bump or just hold hands and remember why it was you fell in love in the first place… THAT’S how I want to portray you guys so you can show your kids and love looking back at the images in 20 years time.

Told you…It’s as easy as that!! Now let’s go for a wander around, take some cool photos and then get back to the party!!!

Warning… “Sales Pitch” ….. if you’re really worried about it, come and have an engagement shoot with me and we can go through everything and I can prove that your portraits will be the easiest part of the whole day.

See you soon!

Ben x

bride and groom walking at calke abbey in derbyshire