Rock your evening party in style!!


Dance, sing, laugh, watch your friends getting semi-naked on the dance floor, drink shots and have the best time ever…  Come on guys – Let’s have an EPIC PARRRRRTYYYYY!

Here are our rules for an epic party!

1 – Lead the way

You’re the bride and groom… if you say ‘jump’, everyone jumps. If you say ‘dance’, that’s what people will do. It’s the one day you’re allowed to be a bridezilla and get your own way. However, unless you’re leading from the front, no one will follow, so get yourself on the dance floor, get your groomsmen to get a round in, and as Prince would say “party like it’s 1999!”

wedding guests dancing

2 – Let everyone get silly with a photobooth

Who doesn’t love a good old photo booth? Watching your 80-year-old granny dress up like Gene Simmons from Kiss and your mates surround her in a photobooth – that’s got to be worth doing!  Photobooths, although a bit old hat, if you get a decent one, they can be a right laugh and a great way to break the ice and between the day guests and the evening guests.

bride and groom dancing

3 – Get a round in

I know you’ve probably spent a fortune already feeding and watering your guests, but one last round goes a long way. Get your best man to the bar for a tray of shots for those who are on the dance floor. Not only will it draw people to the dance floor, but there’s nothing like a tray of tequila or Jaggerbombs to give the party a big fat shove in the right direction. It also looks pretty cool on photos to with your guests doing shots while you dance like no one is watching!!!

wedding guests on the dance floor

4 – Band v’s DJ

So, which is best…. a band or a DJ? Well, there’s no right answer, but it very much depends on who you book, especially when it comes to DJ’s. Over the last 10 years, DJ’s have slowly moved on from being that cheesy dude, who feels the need to talk in between every single track and cracks shit jokes. Please AVOID that guy like the plague if you want a cool party!! Now, there are loads of DJ’s out there that will listen to what you want from the music and respect your wishes when you ask them not to play the Birdie Song (please god no!!), or anything by Abba. So, pick wisely and don’t compromise if you want a great party just because your uncle “knows a guy”.

Bands are awesome – I’m bound to say that being a musician myself, playing in bands for years, but again, take a look around and make sure they can actually rock a wedding crowd as well as being able to play a great gig. Unless your entire wedding party are hardcore metal rockers, there’s no point in booking your favourite death metal band, you’ve got to think about what will get people up on the dance floor, and keep them there! Also, think about what happens in between the band’s sets? Are they just going to put on a pre-mixed CD? If so, is that going to really keep people on the dance floor? If you’re not having a DJ, make sure the band DJ properly, so they can read the dance floor and adapt to the party, rather than just clicking ‘play’ on a pre-made set list!

So, the upshot of it for me is, you can have a DJ without a band, but not a band without a DJ if you want a really good party, so splash a bit of cash and rock your evening party and give everyone something to really remember!

the wedding band

5 – Light it up, baby!

Now, this is something you guys might not have thought about, and apologies if we’re about to spend more of your money, but lighting is epically important to great looking party photos. Most wedding venues simply turn down the lights and rely on the DJ to bring a few moving  “disco lights” with them, but what about the rest of the room? It just ends up being a bit dark, with a few candles dotted about. Some of the best looking parties we’ve seen have been where the bride and grooms have brought a company in to pimp your room. They can add canopies of fairy lights above the dance floor, colourful uplighting on the walls and extra lights to enhance your dance floor – DO it…. I promise it’ll make your party photos look soooooooooo much better!!!

dance floor wedding photos