A Quick Hair Tip!




OK so this is just a super quick post about wedding hair from our past experience of wedding days.

Our top tip is to have two hair styles ready for your wedding day!! Here’s why….

So, it’s your weding day, you’ve booked amazing hairdressers and they’ve been with you all morning. You’ve chosen to have your hair down with lots of beautiful curls and lots of funky volume. It looks amazing, no doubt about that! BUT the only trouble is that the good old British weather often has other ideas for how it wants your hair to look!!! So if it’s a gorgeous summer’s day with no wind or rain, that’s one thing… unless you party HARD, your hair is going to stay in place!

However if it’s even a little bit windy and rainy, by the time you leave the ceremony, your hair can often look a little bit wind swept, or worse. We see it all the time….those beautiful curls have just given up and fallen out!

So, if you’re planning on having your hair down on the wedding day, that’s awesome, but we’d highly recommend trying out an ‘up-do’, just in case the weather is bad!

Of course, if you were planning on having your hair up anyway, happy days – you’ve got nothing to worry about! 🙂

Hope that helps?! x