October 2019 Diary – Iceland

couples photoshoot in Iceland by the waterfalls

Our trip to Iceland with Will + Ali

Meet Will + Ali. Two of the nicest people you’re ever likely to meet. To say that both of them are mad about fitness is an understatement. Will owns Crossfit Lacemakers – an awesome CrossFit box in Long Eaton, and Ali is a physio at the top of her game and a serious CrossFit athlete. (In case you missed it, here’s our CrossFit photoshoot we did last year – Click Here)

We’ve been friends with these guys for a while now, so when they asked us to do some photos of them both together, we jumped at the chance. Then we jokingly suggest, lets go to Iceland and work out under a waterfall….they said ‘yes!!!!’, so off we went on a mini adventure that turned out to be one of the best trips we’ve done in ages!

You never really get to know people properly until you’ve spent ridiculously early mornings together in an airport or staying in the same house together for any length of time, so it was definitely make or break for our relationship. We bonded over early sunrise workouts, fear of having the car doors blown off by sandstorms, lots of laughs about protecting our undercarriage and the knowledge that we should never ever, under any circumstances, stand on the roof of our hire car!!

Thankfully we had an awesome time – One that will stay with us forever and we’re still talking 😀

So…. here’s a few of our highlights of Will and Ali looking awesome together in Iceland!



We’re currently writing a new blog (coming soon!) all about wedding photography locations in Iceland, so if you’re getting married or eloping to Iceland and want some inspiration, feel free to give us a shout – We’d love to be your Iceland wedding photographer!