Bignor Park Wedding Photography || Lara & Quin

the bride and groom in the long grass by the temple at Bignor Park in Sussex
Bignor Park Wedding Photography

Lara & Quin

You know that things get serious when 2 photographers book you to photograph their wedding. No pressure, eh?! Well, the pressure builds when you know that the wedding venue is Bignor Park – A stunning family run wedding venue in the heart of West Sussex, and is actually owned by the family of the groom. How amazing is that!!! Bignor Park is such a beautiful location for wedding photography and we had THE BEST day there as we travelled down from Derbyshire for Lara & Quin’s wedding.

a quest on the walls having a drink in the evening at Bignor Park

A photographer’s wedding

The great thing about shooting for photographers is that they totally get it. When we ask them for something, they were totally up for it. No matter how odd, or how crazy, or how many times I say “can I borrow you for a second to stand in this awesome bit of light”… They just wanted to create amazing memories and have them immortalized in photos, forever. That’s what we did. We partied, we had fun, we dodged the rain and we had the best time ever.

Lara and Quin were amazing. Fact. Nothing more really needs saying. They’re so lovely together and apart Lara and the girls in the morning were so nice to hang with, and Quin was like an excitable puppy because he had all his best mates surrounding him all morning for the first time in ages, in the home that he spent a lot of time in as a child. All damn day, we laughed, cried, danced, did “Toto shots”, yes that’s right – Every time Toto’s “Africa” was played, everyone did a shot…and it was played on more than one occasion!!

The brides spinning around in her wedding dress in a dark room with a small bit of sunlight

Drinks Reception on the Lawn

Despite the slight rainstorm, everyone was in amazing spirits. Drinks and canapĂ©s were outside, the cake cutting was on a large fallen tree at the bottom of the garden and Quin transported his new bride Lara round to make their entrance on a Rickshaw. We shan’t mention the slight crash and squeeze we had, getting through the hedge on the way round though, right guys?! 🙂 No one needs to know!

the bride and groom taking a walk in the woods at Bignor Park on their wedding day

Such a fun day with a brilliant atmosphere – I feel like we’ve made two new friends!!!

Here’s a little preview of some of our highlights while we work on your full gallery.


Bignor Park Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in West Sussex at Bignor Park. Such an amazing venue, set in a 1000 acre estate of woodlands, pristine gardens, a temple, a lake…stunning views. What more could you ask for, for your wedding day. Oh yeah, some lovely coach house buildings, linking to a marquee for your reception and wedding breakfast, and an outdoor civil ceremony area at the Greek Loggia. This wedding venue in Sussex has it all!!!