Becca + Paul – Swancar Farm Wedding

Swancar Farm Country House Wedding Photography

Becca + Paul

Swancar Farm Country House


BOOM!!! That fateful first word that Becca messaged to Paul on Tinder, because that’s the sound a drum makes, right?! …And just like that, these two beautiful humans are married….finally!

I should mention, for context, that Paul is a drummer (hence the “boom”). An awesome one at that. Not only that, but he’s a music producer, has a recording studio, has his own wedding band and is an all-round good egg! Becca, well what can I say – She’s beautiful, so lovely to be around and just brings joy to everyone she’s with. The pair of them don’t take life too seriously, they have a great time together – their wedding was one hell of a day!

The day was filled with music (obviously), and who better than Paul’s band, The Money to entertain us all day! To accompany the music, the drinks were flowing, there was LOTS of confetti, then a lovely present from Becca’s brother accompanied by a hilariously inappropriate first line in his message to them both.

The sun was shining, the pandemic inducing C-word was nowhere to be seen and we all had the most amazing day…ever!!!


Thanks so much for inviting me to hang with you guys – I truly loved every second of it and can’t wait for a catch up again soon!

But first…. [drum roll please Paul]… Here’s a little preview of some of my favourites while I work on your full gallery.

Turn it up LOUD, hit full screen, and enjoy!