And adventure into Knife Making


Welcome to my new obsession!

(and an awesome wedding or anniversary gift for the foodie in our life!)


So many questions, right?! Photography, knives… What the hell is SKREPPA?!! So many questions.


Here goes. SKREPPA.

Just before lockdown, we visited Iceland for a photoshoot and completely fell in love with the place. It’s so rugged. It’s so barren in places and truly beautiful because of that. Filled with the sound of silence, it’s the place you want to take yourself off to for a little while to decompress. That’s exactly what SKREPPA means. “To take yourself off for a little while”.

In this crazy busy world of running a business, the perpetual cycle of taking pictures, editing them, email, social media, taking pictures, editing them…it’s important for me to have a side project. Something I can do to take myself off for a little while and focus on something else for an hour or two every so often to clear my brain.

In lockdown, it was building our house. As the house project gets ever close to an end, this has quickly been replaced with an obsession, thanks to a Youtube rabbit hole, of Knife Making.

That’s where SKREPPA comes in.


So, why Knives. Why not?! 

The process of turning a lump of metal into something that is not only functional, but a work of art is beautiful. It combines a primal instinct to build tools, the precision of modern-day engineering, and the creative side of my human brain to create a beautiful-looking finished product. I LOVE it.

The obsession started when Hannah bought me a 10-year anniversary (years a go!!) present. A handmade knife from Blok. One of the most respected knife makers in the country, and he’s based in Derby. I knew, as a foodie with a love of cooking, I HAD to have one of his knives.

It arrived and I was hooked. Obsessed. How was it made? What makes the wood so beautiful? What metals are the best, the sharpest, will hold an edge? So many questions. Ben from Blok was kind enough to help out with a stack of advice.

I’ve made so many mistakes. Cut myself so many times! Got to what I thought might be the finished product only to burn the blade or scratch it or over grind it and have to throw it away and start again. But the process of learning and practising over and over again is amazing. To get to that stage where a knife I’ve made from start to finish has made it through the kitchen door is friggin’ awesome. I love the knife. I still have my first one. Actually, that’s not true – my Dad has my first one, but I’ve got a close 2nd one. 

Are you a foodie?

Everyone knows that every foodie needs a beautiful knife. It’s a right of passage. Every amazing meal cooked starts with a slice from a blade. Everyone needs a handmade knife or several beautiful knives. I love collecting knives from different knife makers and each one takes pride and place in my kitchen. They’re a work of art.

Looking for something unique. 

Because I don’t use a template or a CNC machine, every knife I make is completely unique and is built on feel. Slight deviations in the shape to balance the blade, or complete the look makes your knife unique. There’s nothing wrong with an off-the-shelf knife from well-known manufacturers that will perform well and last a good while, heck, I’ve had them in my kitchen too, but who wants the same as everyone else has got?! Not me. 

I’d love to make you one!


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