btwo people standing together in the darkness hugging and laughing

About our wedding photography business

Hannah on Ben…

This beardy guy is everything to me. He is a real gentleman. Kind to animals, kinder to me. His early morning workouts might not be the highlight of my day, but our foodie adventures or dog walks into the wilderness more than make up for it. Other than his dad, I’ve never met someone so utterly dedicated to a task in hand, so able to focus on the detail…. be it SCUBA diving, playing the sax or researching the next technique to add to the photography arsenal. There’s no one I’d rather hang out with. 

He loves: 

  • Cake – Oh my god, so much cake
  • Fitness (because of the above cake addiction!)
  • Cooking
  • Adventures around the world
  • Mustangs
  • Hopefully Me!
  • Plain Cadburys chocolate. Any other chocolate (except White Toblerone) and he’s not interested. 
  • He thinks that Michael Jackson is still the undoubted king of pop.

Ben on Hannah…

There’s not a lot not to love about Han. She brings order to my chaotic world and indulges most of my ‘next big projects’. Her methodical planning skills mean she is pretty much single-handedly managing our self-build project, our work calendar, our next tasty meal out. All the while, fostering dogs waiting for new homes, and shedding a tear whenever they leave us. She is epic. My wife, my best friend and the best work mate I’ve ever had.

She loves:

  • Scampi & Bella (our dogs)
  • Food & great restaurants
  • Walking
  • Crumpets & crisps…not together, that would be mad
  • Watching a good box set or reading with a good cup of tea
  • Bunches of flowers from Nadia Di Tullio
  • Occasionally a little tipple of dessert wine
  • Homemade courgette carbonara
  • Oh yeah, she’d love to own an All-American monster truck one day!
(Photography of us both by Ed Brown & Rahul Khona)

ben and hannah stood together agaist a dark red background hugging

photos of two fluffy dogs ready to attend a wedding

Are we for you?

Every wedding day is the same 1440 minutes of time. But how you spend those minutes is pretty unique. We can make sure you can keep hold of those minutes forever – We know how long it takes to plan for them, it’s only right you have something pretty close to perfect to show for it.  
When we got married, we knew nothing about photography or weddings. Our hearts dropped when we realised we’d made a poor choice in a low-cost photographer for our wedding to save money. That meaningful day has gone and we threw away the images we had paid for, they didn’t show what we remembered feeling and we will never have that day back again. So for every wedding we shoot, we know how important every frame is. 

For every atmospheric portrait, there will be a tender moment captured. For every epic widescreen moment, there will be a detail shot you may have missed. It’s not just another wedding for us.

That’s why we know if these things are important to you, then yes……. We ARE for you.

Most importantly, we’d like to know more about you, so get in touch here!