Jodi & Tom’s wedding at The West Mill

Jodi & Tom’s wedding at The West Mill

Jodi & Tom’s wedding at The West Mill

We’ve been looking forward to Jodi & Tom’s wedding at The West Mill for a while now. I’d met Jodi a few times at wedding shows and she’s always been so lovely and full of fun! She runs the best chippy in Ilkeston but you’d never guess that’s what she does for a living!! I love it!! Anyway Jodi & Tom had a relaxed day planned with lots of fun 🙂  – right up our street and we do love The West Mill – Such a great venue.

Bridal preparations

Ben headed off to Ilkeston to see Jodi and the girls getting ready, joined by the lovely Geoff from Our Wedding Videographers. It was soon time for the girls to be at The West Mill and head to the top floor to finish off hair and makeup before putting on their dresses. Everyone was gathering downstairs when the guys arrived, looking very smart ready for their buttonholes and a bit of a mingle with guests. Upstairs for the ceremony, beautifully decorated with enormous white blossom trees at the end of the aisle.

Drinks reception

With everyone lined up outside for confetti, Jodi & Tom got suitably covered!! They had a good mingle and then we did a few family photos followed by some bridal party photos during which we saw far too much of one of the groomsmen! Bleugh!! Thanks for that guys! Then in for dinner and Speeches.


Jodi & Tom specifically didn’t want lots of couple photos, so we went for a brief walk before the evening guests arrived and then straight into cake cutting and first dance and  partied the night away!

Turn it up LOUD, and enjoy xx


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