Shustoke Barn Wedding Photos | Rebecca & Chris

Shustoke Barn Cripps wedding Photos

The bride and groom in smoke at Shustoke Barns in Warwickshire

Rebecca + Chris

We love a wedding when everyone comes to party, and with an open bar all day at Shustoke, there was much partying had by all!!

Great food, amazing people, naked photos of Chris, a naked guest carving dinner at the table…. come to think of it, there was way more nakedness than we usually see at weddings!! Did anyone get naked on the dance floor after we left guys!?


We started out the day meeting Chris at Shustoke greeting guests. He said he was pretty chilled out, but we could see him pacing as he waited for Rebecca to arrive. He definitely didn’t need to worry… she arrived in a beautiful old Rolls Royce, with a big beaming smile on her face, looking stunning in her dress, all excited and ready to become Mrs Howells. Yay!!!!

With the ceremony complete and these two now husband and wife, we headed out into the courtyard there at Shustoke for confetti, drinks and canapĂ©s! Rebecca is a teacher along with her mum at their local first school, so we decided to take a drive to see her children. We arrived at the school to find lots of very excited children with hands full of confetti! 🙂  It’s always nice to do things like this on your wedding day, it makes it really personal and I know the children loved seeing a real-life princess arrive!

With the children all happy, we headed back to Shustoke for a few photos before it was time for dinner. Following dinner was a hilarious and hugely embarrassing (for Chris) quiz led by his 2 best men. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to let your best men loose at your wedding for a quiz designed to unleash all of the groom’s secrets of uni life, in photo form!!!! You’re a brave man Chris and you took it well buddy!

So with those out of the way, it was time to party!! Normally we stick around until the first dance to capture a few guests on the dance floor before the evening food arrives, but the dance floor was rocking hard, so we just stayed there and partied hard with the camera. Before we knew it, it was 10pm, so we thought we’d better take the opportunity to make the most of the beautiful lights of the barn building, so we whisked Becky & Chris away for 5 mins to create a few gorgeous portraits in the dark before returning to the party!

Thanks for such an awesome day guys!!! We truly had a blast!!! Here’s just a few of our favourites from the day, but make sure you click through to the Full Gallery to see the rest!

The inside of the barn wedding guests arriving the groom and his mates before the ceremony wedding guests arriving the wedding car arriving the bride with parents arriving the bride and her mum the bride and her parents walking down the aisle the bride as she sees the groom the first kiss the wedding guests watching the ceremony the bride & groom signing the register the back of the brides dress the bride & groom outside the front door of Shustoke the bride's bouquet the bride & groom getting covered in confetti the bride's mum putting confetti down the bride's dress confetti on the bride's dress all the groom's mates wearing the groom's face as masks the bride & groom with the brides school children the wedding car arriving at Shustoke the bride & groom walking into the field the bride & groom having a moment together the back of the bride's dress the bride playing with her veil the bride & groom walking back to the venue the bride & groom with all their guests the groom cheers and his wife laughs the bride & groom in silhouette the wedding breakfast room wedding guests at Shustoke Barn wedding guests at Shustoke Barn a naked guest serving dinner a naked guest the bride laughing during the speeches the bride laughing during the groom's speech the wedding speeches a big cheers during the speeches the olive trees in the courtyard weddng guests by the fire pits the bride and groom's first dance the bride dancing the bride dancing wedding guests dancing at Shustoke wedding guests dancing at Shustoke wedding guests dancing at Shustoke wedding guests dancing at Shustoke the groom lifted onto friends shoulders the bride and groom lifted onto friends shoulders! wedding guests dancing at Shustoke wedding guests dancing at Shustoke wedding guests dancing at Shustoke wedding guests dancing at Shustoke the bride & groom in the msoke at Shustoke the bride & groom in silhouette infront of the venue


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