A December wedding at The West Mill | Rachel & Tim

A December wedding photos at The West Mill

the bride and groom stood in the evening light at the west mill in derbyshire

A December wedding at The West Mill

A December wedding at The West Mill is always a great prospect and we happened to have two weddings in a row there. As we were unloading for the first wedding, Rachel & Tim were dropping off the most booze we’ve ever seen for their wedding the next day – so we knew it was going to be a great party… And it was!

When I arrived the next day, the three ushers were having a very serious and commited game of cards while they waited for Tim and the two best men to arrive for a beer. Rachel had been getting ready in a hotel down the road and snuck in by the back door so Tim and the guys didn’t see her – it was lovely to see Make up by Jenni working her magic!

I think it’s fair to say that both Tim and Rachel were very nervous before the ceremony, Rachel had already had a few tears when she saw her dad, but soon the nerves disapeared as they saw each other for the first time – lots of big smiles!! Once the ceremony was completed, oblivious to the cold, everyone headed outside for drinks, nibbles, a mingle and a few photos. It was such a great atmosphere – Everyone was there to just have fun!

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and some hilarious speeches – the best men had organised a speech around the carol The 12 days of Christmas. Every table had their own day of Christmas and when the song gets to that bit, everyone at that table had to stand up and sing their part – it was hilarious but fair play to everyone, they all joined in and by the 6th or 7th verse everyone had the hang of it! Brilliant.

Rachel & Tim had chosen Caterpillar cakes and once they had had brutally cut them in half, the band started and it was time to party! We had such a great time with these two – such genuinely lovely people and a right giggle!!

The bride gettign ready pouring the champagne putting the veil in putting the veil in the guys laughing together the groom and his men outisde the bride arriving at the west mill the bride arriving on the top floor the dress hagning up doing the dress up the bride looking out the window mum putting bride's bracelet on bride hugging her dad the bride and her dad walking down the aisle the bride seeing the groom the wedding ceremony the first kiss mum and dad holding hands the bride and groom laughing the bride & groom walking down the aisle guests outside guests laughing the bride & groom covered in confetti everyone outside at the west mill the groom being hugged the groom talking to grandparents the groom laughing guests playing blackjack guests playing blackjack the bridal party walking down to the river the bride & groom with the bridal party laughing the bride walking with her bridesmaids the groom and his men laughing the bride & groom laughing the bride laughing the bride and groom through the veil the bride & groom as the sun sets the bride & groom inside on the top floor of the west mill the bride & groom the bride & groom the bride looking at her rings the bride & groom by the christmas tree the bride walking down the stairs guests laughing wedding guests laughing grandma looking at the table details relatives looking at the wedding breakfast menu the bride's dad speech the groom's speech the bride & groom laughing the booth photo wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing the wedding band wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing wedding guests dancing The West Mill at night


Click to view the full gallery of wedding photosWe have put together a little video featuring just a few of our favourite images from the day – Turn it up and enjoy guys!!



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