The Fox and Goose Inn, Chesterfield Wedding | Mary & Geoff

The Fox and Goose Wedding Photos in Chesterfield

mary and geofff stood in darkness at the fox and goose inn in Chesterfield Derbyshire

The Fox & Goose Inn, Chesterfield

I’m sat here writing this blog, super excited to share it. It’s safe to say, I’m a little bit in love with the way Mary and Geoff looked for their wedding. Tattoos, a dusky pink dress, a wedding turban/bandana, skulls, heavy rings, beards…. what more could you want!!! A BBQ, a mechanical bull and thier awesome little dog maybe? Ok then!

So, Mary and Geoff chose to get married on Halloween, at 4:30 pm, in the dark ans the lovely Fox and Goose Inn at Pie Pudding Hill! Most photographers would shudder at such a prospect, but we loved it. It gives me chance to play with all my lighting kit that I know and love, and create some interesting dark portraits that I know these guys love for our Instagram page. We suggested to them that they arrive 30mins early and do a “First Look”, so we could spend a bit of time together shooting in ‘golden hour’ before the ceremony, and they loved the idea. What an awesome couple!!

Bridal Preparations

We joined Mary and her girls at a hotel in Baslow, having her hair and makeup done. It was lovely and calm (except for mum desperately trying to avoid having to sit in the makeup chair!) and we managed to just sit and chat while we were shooting which was nice. We also shot some lovely images of Mary’s gorgeous, dramatic eye makeup!! Then we headed off to see what Geoff was doing at the pub.

With Mary arriving slightly later than planned, we had 12 minutes to shoot all the planned family photos and head for a little walk in the golden sun before it went down. 12 minutes…..! Easy 🙂 We love being able to get the family photos done nice and quickly so everyone can get on with enjoying the day!!

Take the bull by the horns

With these two married, we headed outside into the darkness where there was a mechanical bull ready and waiting for us. It was hilarious watching guests hang on for dear life in their suits and dresses. What was the winning time in the end? … 59 seconds?? (comment below if you beat that!)

It was super cold and windy, so we did a couple of mini photo sessions so we could stay warm. Some inside and a few outside – Mary and Geoff were awesome. They were totally trusting of whatever I asked of them… They even said yes when I asked them to walk a few hundred yards, into a field and stand on a wall, in the pitch black darkness!!! Thanks, guys!!!!

It was such a fun day filled with happiness and not a single wedding tradition in sight – LOVED it!!

Thanks for being such an amazing couple 🙂

the bride getting ready in the hotel the bride's eyes over her mirror looking down on the bride the bride's mum helping her get dressed the bride's diamonte turban a close up of the bride's turban a cloudy autumnal sky the bride seeing the groom for the first time the bride and her birdesmaids the bride & groom the bride & groom in the evening sun the bride & groom walking wedding guests laughing the bride & groom walking into the ceremony the wedding ceremony with the couple's dog the bride laughing the bride & groom getting covered in confetti the bride & groom getting confetti'ed! the couple in silhouette against the night sky the groom on the rodeo bull the bride & groom on the bucking bull wedding bguests on the bucking bronco the bride & groom cudding in the orange light the bride and groom posing by the fire the bride & groom in the golden hour the bride & groom dancing the bride dancing the bride dancing with guests wedding guest pulling his braces as he dances. The bridesmaids dancing the bride & groom and all their guests playing with sparklers the bride & groom with sparklers the bride & groom at night under the lights the bride & groom in the smoke



Click to view the full gallery of wedding photosHere’s a little video of the day – Turn it up & enjoy!!!!


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