The Bainbridge Family Photos

Family photoshoot in Derbyshire


Say hello to the awesome Bainbridge Family.

As wedding photographers, nothing gives us more joy than seeing our wedding couples become families, so when James and Catherine invited us into their lovely home in sunny Derbyshire to meet their second daughter, Charlotte, of course, we said yes!

I got to spend a couple of hours with these guys, getting to know them a little bit more and see how they are as a family, and it was a joy to see. Their eldest daughter Emilee was great to hang around with – She gave me a guided tour of the house, showed me her favourite toys and even drew me a picture of the family which is now signed, and attached to my fridge here at home!

We took some time doing a few photos of them all together at home, before heading out for a walk in the woods with lots of fun throwing leaves around and generally having a giggle.

Thank you so much, guys for letting us see the next part of your life together – It was great to photograph your wedding, but to see you all so happy and relaxed as a family, was amazing.

Here is a sneak preview for you to see while we work on the full gallery of photos for you!

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the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0009 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0010 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0011 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0012 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0013 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0014 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0015 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0016 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0017 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0018 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0019 the-bainbridge-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0020 the-bainbridges-family-photos-in-derbyshire_0001


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