Tipi Wedding at The Heath House

Tipi wedding at The Heath House


The bride and groomstood inside a Tipi surrounded by orange candles

A Tipi wedding at The Heath House inspired shoot

A Tipi Wedding at The Heath House – this shoot combines all our favourite wedding related things & people so it was a bit of a fairy tale day for us. It took place at The Heath House in Tean in Staffordshire – they have been doing weddings for a while now but have just added tipi weddings to their offerings and of course who better to choose than the brilliant Kim, Matt & Duncan from Peak Tipis in Ashbourne. Anyway the brief was just to show off the lovely house, the new tipi in the walled gardens, the newly refurbished Dutch Barn and the orangery which can be used for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding supplier Dream Team!

We were lucky to work with lots of great people, Hannah from Bake in Ashbourne provided the cakes (OMG I could have eaten them all!!), Nadia from Nadia Di Tullio provided the stunning flowers, hair pieces and table decorations, dresses from Lori G, amazing hair and makeup by Claire Lowe and so many more!

On the day

While our bride for the day, Georgia had her makeup done, we spent some time with the very cool looking Jack in the house making the most of the gorgeous rooms and the lovely light flooding in through the huge windows. Then as soon as Georgia was ready she joined in too for lots of nice and darkly lit, romantic shots. As the shoot was being filmed, we had a celebrant join us for a ceremony in the Orangery which has been recently refurbished to use for ceremonies – what a building, exposed brickwork, covered in plants and so lovely and light!! Then onto the main event – the tipis in the Walled Garden; the cakes, the stationery, the flowers…. loved it all!! And finally The Dutch Barn – LOVE this building. We even managed to use one of the disused sheds for a couple of very cool dark and smokey photos (please forgive us Sophie for using this one – I couldn’t resist when I saw the open door !!) We love things like that – everything doesn’t always have to be manicured and pretty, life isn’t always pretty – sometimes it’s just amazing to stand a couple, perfectly in love, inside somewhere most people would never think of using on a wedding day, or any other day and see what they do, and photograph just that. Them being themselves.

It’s shoots like this that we live for – Being given an amazing house and Tipi to use all day long, and have them decorated by some of the most talented people in the industry is awesome – many thanks to everyone involved; Kim at Peak Tipis and Nadia from Nadia Di Tullio Flowers for all their hard work in organising a gorgeously styled day and of course to the team at The Heath House!!

Here are a few of our favourites from the day!

groom in a blue suit stood looking out of a window black and white groom photo groom in blue suit sitting at a shiny table the groom stood in the ceremony room at The Heath house The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0005 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0006 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0008 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0009 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0010 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0011 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0012 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0013 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0014 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0015 the bride opening the curtians in the bridal suit at The Heath House bride and groom coning down the stairs the bride and groom stood after the ceremony at The Heath house a reflection of the bride and groom in a window black and white bride and groom stood in a window the bride and groom dancing after the wedding ceremony black and white photo of the bride and groom looking at each other The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0024 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0025 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0026 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0027 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0028 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0029 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0030 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0031 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0032 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0033 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0034 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0035 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0036 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0037 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0038 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0039 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0040 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0041 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0042 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0043 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0044 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0045 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0046 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0047 The_Heath_House_and_Peak_Tipis_wedding_photos_0048


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