Jodie, Oli, baby Harriet and Stanley

Baby photos by Derbyshire wedding photography HBA Photography


Meet baby Harriet – At just 7 weeks old, she’s absolutely gorgeous!

What’s even better is she is daughter to one of our good friends and favourite wedding couples, Oli and Jodie, and what’s EVEN better than that, is they brought their sausage dog, Stanley along for the shoot too!!

We planned a home-style shoot rather than a studio shoot and we just hung out in our living for a couple of hours and let Jodie and Oli just be a mum and dad to Harriet while we photographed what was going on. Stanley made it into one or two shots too as he loved the attention and it was great to see them all together as a family being awesome parents.

Here are a few of our favourite shots from the morning…

Here are a few highlights of our photoshoot with Jodie, Oliver and their babies! 

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