The West Mill | A Girls Night Out

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– The West Mill, Derby –


Say hello to the hottest group of ladies in Derby!!

I was booked to shoot a group photo as a surprise for Sally’s birthday after Sally saw a shot we did previously at the venue on a wedding photoshoot – Everyone (except Sally, who had no idea that this was happening!) met at The West Mill in Derby, and as the birthday girl made her entrance, thinking she was meeting everyone for dinner, the prosecco corks popped and bubbles were poured and we all got together for a few photos.

With it being such an amazing venue, I couldn’t just rock up and take one group photo, so Hannah and I set up a few different shots around the venue before everyone headed off out into Derby for dinner and drinks!

Hope you have a great Birthday Sally!!



Here’s a few of our favourites!

Group photos of all the girls in the booths at The West Mill The Birthday Girl posing in a red chair holding a glass photos of the party at The West Mill Al the girls stood together in orange light a group photo of all the girls in orange light sitting on chairs a cool blue group photo at The West Mill surrounded by candles


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