Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Photos | Emma + Tom

Shustoke Farm Barns wedding photos by Derbyshire based Photographers

the bride and groom walking and laughing in the orange sunset

“Not only were you kind to us but also to are friends and family, as they referred to you guys as just fantastic!
So pleased we booked you as you added to the perfection off our day!”

– Emma


Shustoke Farm Barns

Without doubt this was a special wedding for us and we were very honoured to be asked to be part of it. Emma is the events manager at Shustsoke Farm Barns and we’ve seen her many times in that capacity. But this Saturday was her day, her wedding to the lovely Tom. Emma and Tom’s parents both only live about a mile and a half away from each other and Emma’s stepdad used to be the local vet for Tom’s family’s farm – they had their first date over a sheep giving birth! how awesome is that!!?!

Some of the wedding details

Emma & Tom both got ready separately at their parents homes – we both had a great time, lots of lovely family members with dogs, chicken and cows all in the mix!! Then over to Sheepy Magna for a lovely church wedding. The church was decorated with straw bales, and lots of gorgeous flowers in watering cans and milk churns. At the end of the service there was even a pitch fork guard of honour! After lots of confetti and time for mingling, a big red bus took everyone back to Shustoke Farm Barns for the wedding reception featuring canapes and a Pimp your Drink stand.

Photos in the grounds

Shustoke has lots of lovely options for photos, there is the courtyard filled with flowers and ancient olive trees, then the front with the lovely barn building in the background and we used both for family photos and some fun with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Into the evening we took a walk into the fields to make the most of the setting sun.

Wedding Food

If you love food then Shutsoke is the place to get married, canapes during the reception, then a BBQ’d triple thickness sirloin steak with gratin potatoes for dinner, followed by hog roast rolls and pizza in the evening. Not to mention the build you own S’mores bar by the fire pits – amazing 🙂


Anyway, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, the sun shone on Emma & Tom and towards to the end of the night there was a beautiful sunset too. Emma is lovely, full of fun and big smiles and Tom is the perfect match for her – Such  a nice guy and obviously both very much in love. Their friends and family were all so friendly too, so it doesn’t really get better than that!! So thank you Emma & Tom – it means the world to us to be part of your wedding – we’ll hopefully see you soon. xxxx


Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0001 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0002 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0003 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0004 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0005 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0006 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0007 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0008 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0009 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0010 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0011 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0012 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0013 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0014 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0015 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0016 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0017 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0018 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0019 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0020 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0021 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0022 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0023 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0024 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0025 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0026 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0027 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0028 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0029 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0030 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0031 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0032 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0033 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0034 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0035 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0036 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0037 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0038 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0039 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0040 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0041 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0042 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0043 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0044 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0045 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0046 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0047 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0048 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0049 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0050 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0051 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0052 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0053 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0054 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0055 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0056 Shustoke_Farm_Barns_Wedding_Photos_Emma_Tom_0057


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